Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Thankful



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stay Off The Black

I was grouting the tile at the new house today. The grout is black and as I learned very quickly it stains everything. Because of this and because it can mess up the smoothness of the lines to have people/dogs/kids walking on it I told Ryan to "stay off the black". He respected my wishes very well for the most part. He did, however, find creative ways to be on the black while "staying off the black"...

He wasn't touching it...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cookie Monster!

Ryan has learned not only where I hide the cookies but also how to get to them.

And undoubtedly when I offer to give him one he will get very excited!
In his excitement he often says "Cookie Monster!"

Yes, son, you are my Cookie Monster.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Packed and Ready to Go

Ryan's packed and ready to go...
I just don't know where he's going.

*Baby* Update
Things have been going pretty well. I have reached that point in pregnancy where exhaustion is the word of the day. Energy...I have NONE! I haven't had any morning sickness. I have all-day-long nausea. All of my pregnancies have been different in so many ways. Even in these early weeks. With Brandy I had most-of-the-day nausea, but not near as bad as I do now. I also had a major aversion to chicken and with just the smell of it...raw, cooked or otherwise...I was running to the toilet. With Ryan I don't really remember any nausea/morning sickness however I craved Ceasar Salads something crazy and ate one almost every day. With this baby I haven't found any true aversions although sweets just aren't my thing right now. A little bit goes a long way. I am really liking foods with bold flavors...specifically italian with the garlic and other italian seasonings. Pass the garlic bread please.

Unfortunately the one thing that has been true with all three of my pregnancies is spotting early on. I hate seeing it, but it's pretty normal for me. We did have a pretty major scare this past Saturday. I had bleeding and cramping...and lots of it. I was almost certain my worst fears (for early in pregnancy) were happening.

I had an unscheduled appt. with my OB on Monday. I called that morning with my concerns and they "worked me in". I got to see our little "butterfly" on the ultrasound screen. There were even little flutters indicating the start of the heart beat. The doctor measured the baby at 5 weeks 6 days and 2.5 mm long which is smaller than a grain of rice. That is just amazing to me. It's amazing that at only 2-3 weeks past conception the heart is already forming and the size of the entire baby is only the size of a grain of rice (actually smaller). Life is amazing. God is so good. Now as for the bleeding, the only explanation the doctor had was that I could possibly have been pregnant with twins but miscarried one on Saturday. That saddens me a little. All life is sacred from the very beginning. I am truly grateful that my little butterfly was still fluttering and growing safely inside. You stay there, my little butterfly, until at least 36 weeks!

Since the appt. wasn't an official one I still haven't talked to the doc. about the plans. I have a *scheduled* appt. for next Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) at which time I will have another ultrasound and a complete physical and all questions and plans will be addressed.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's About Time For A Real Update

We've been doing some playing outside (but not nearly enough)
We've been playing in cabinets...
We've been playing in things like this...
We've even been wearing hats backwards while playing.

Actually we haven't been doing a whole lot of playing. We're still working on the house. We're probably about 1/2 way from being finished. Ryan would rather his Mommy be playing with him more, but that time will once again arrive. The weather has been nice enough though that he and Myndi and Bosco have enjoyed countless hours making mud, eating leaves, and digging in the sand in the front of the house.

Ryan is talking like crazy. We've finally reached that point where at times (only on the rare occasion) we find ourselves thinking 'I wish he'd just quit talking'. I never thought we would ever feel that way. I guess all parents do. Most of the time I can understand everything he is talking about. Other times I just nod and act like I do.

Ryan is taking a great interest in colors these days. He has the right idea...just the wrong colors. It kind of depends on the day as to what color something is. Today it might be geen (green), tomorrow it might be lellow (yellow). At least he's starting to recognize colors and the interest is there...we just need to work on the application.

Ryan's eating habits are the same. He might eat great today. He might eat nothing much tomorrow. With all the work being done on the new house I haven't been cooking very nutritious meals. Ryan has been spending a lot of time with his Nana and Nana's rules aren't quite the same as mine. Needless to say...Ryan's appetite for veggies and other healthy things has changed to honeybuns and hot-dogs-on-a-stick (corndogs). We'll be working on that as soon as we get moved.

And the biggest changes/news of the Stanfill family is this...
Yep! Ryan is going to be a big brother. *Baby* is due to arrive July 10th. We're super excited, yet very nervous too. I went to the doctor today for bloodwork. Everything came back normal...Hcg levels, progresterone levels, etc. I will be returning to the office next Tuesday for another set of labs to make sure all is continuing to go well. I will hopefully see the doctor on the 20th and will have the opportunity to discuss the plans for this precious little baby. We're praying for 36 weeks!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lessons For Licking Bowls

There are really only two ways to do it...

This way...
and that...

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Phone Call

"Ummm...excuse me...I need to make a phone call."


"Now...what did you need?"

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