Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice-Snow Storm 2010

Nobody has been asking, but I'm assuming that you'd love to see some pictures. we go...lots of 'em!

(And...yes...I broke the rules just a tad. I spent 15 or 20 minutes outside with my sweet little boy. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity for some great pictures and a fun time with my boy.)

Starting this past Thursday Oklahoma began it's adventure into another winter storm. It's the first of 2010, the second for this winter season. Storms of this magnitude, producing this much snow, are almost unheard of around here. We often have a few snow flurries throughout the season, but it's rare that we actually get substantial snow accumulation...much less twice in one season.

The storm started Thursday with freezing rain, turning to sleet. This, unfortunately, caused much of the state to encounter problems. In fact the governor declared a 'state of emergency' for the entire state. Much of the southwest is still without power. We were fortunate to keep our electricity and for that I'm very grateful. It's one thing (almost like an adventure) to be without power by yourself, but when you add a kid to the mix suddenly it's no longer an adventure but something dreadful. You start adding bedrest restrictions to the mix and oh my! I was a little nervous about the storm and hoped that it would just pass us by and make the weathermen look like idiots. It didn't pass us by, but God's protection remained. On top of that we got some beautiful snow and I've been enjoying the view out my windows for a couple of days.
This is our bamboo. The weight of the ice curled it down. Now it looks like a great big daddy-long-legged spider. It made for a fantastic fort for Ryan and Myndi as they romped and played in the snow this morning.
The pine tree in our backyard...
And best of all...the FUN pictures!
Just look at that smile.
He just couldn't get enough of the fun. times!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Shaggy No More

Shaggy No More!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today has been a long day.

16 weeks today!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thoughts About Bedrest and Q&A

The question has been asked: "How is everyone handling Mommy being on bedrest?"
The answer: It depends on the day!

For the most part everyone is doing very well with everything. I think Daddy is getting used to the changes although (in my opinion) he has struggled with it the most. It's a difficult change in life to go from a parent in a supporting role to one that is the primary caretaker. It's even harder for me to relinquish all of those responsibilities and privileges. As parents we, Mommy and Daddy, are beginning to adjust to the changes and are settling into our new (temporary) roles. I think it's safe to say that Daddy is more than ready for things to go back to just the way they were.

Ryan is doing great. I can tell that the changes in our family life has been difficult on him, but he, too, is beginning to adjust and settle in with our new routine. I'm glad he's settling in and accepting the changes, but I'll be glad when things are back to a new normal for him. Bedrest has brought about some changes that I don't care for and I hope can be undone when "Baby Elmo" arrives (no that's not his name...Ryan started calling him that and it just stuck.). I won't go into too many details because for now they are what they are. They can't be changed, so we'll make the best of everything!


Ryan does very well when I'm laying horizontal and not so much when I'm reclined in a chair. I haven't figured out the difference, but when I'm horizontal he just comes and joins me on the bed, bearing toys, stories, books, movies, hugs, kisses and sometimes a need to climb on me. I lay on my side mostly so for now his need to climb isn't troubling. I've learned to guard my middle quite well. When I recline in a chair he thinks he needs to climb all over me all the to bottom, side to side. I can't guard myself as well and he doesn't understand when I tell him to stay down. Ryan doesn't mind if I work on something else like knitting, reading, writing, etc. when I'm laying on the bed. He can't stand it when I'm reclined in the chair.

Ryan and I try to do as much stuff together as possible. We read books, play with cars, watch movies, talk about everything we see on TV or around us. Yesterday we even played with scissors, construction paper, and crayons. We made a chain to count down the weeks until we meet Baby Elmo. You know the make them in school all the time to countdown until Christmas. Our chain is multi-colored and has 21 links...that's how many more weeks we hope to keep Baby Elmo inside Mommy's tummy. We get to take a link off every Wednesday because that's when my new week starts in relation to this pregnancy.

Ryan loves to go to Nana's house. We are still spending the weekdays with Nana (my mom) and occasionally we spend the night too. Nana is a huge help and Ryan feels quite safe and comfortable with Nana. I have no worries when those two are together other than "will he get enough rest today?" and "he really doesn't need anymore sweet/sugary treats." But those are pretty minor and not worth a whole lot of concern. I think Nana is handling things well. Occasionally she says things that make me think she is getting worn out and tired of "all this" which makes me sad and concerned. At other times she expresses that she will feel "lost" when we're no longer needing her like we do now. I guess it's a good and bad situation for her...she loves feeling needed and I think it's been a long time since she's really felt needed, but at the same time I think all the extra activity and responsibility is a strain. She's taking great care of us and I just love my mom to pieces.

Bedrest isn't easy. I miss being primary caretaker. I miss being the primary decision maker. I miss cooking for my family. I actually miss cleaning my house. I don't miss doing laundry, but I miss having the clothes clean so I can wear just exactly what I want to wear when I want to wear it. I miss living in my own home. It's hard to move back home and relinquish most of my parental rights/responsibilities. I don't miss changing poopy diapers but I do miss giving Ryan his bath and getting him dressed and ready for the day/night. I miss taking pictures, but I'm hoping to learn a lot about photography and my new camera so I can take some awesome pictures when I'm able. I miss going places, doing things, and seeing people. I often think about what I'm missing with Ryan...but then again...

Bedrest has an awful lot of blessings too. I love that Ryan will sit on the bed with me and we play. We snuggle. We talk. We read. We do so very much that otherwise I might find myself too busy to do...unless I planned for it. I love when he lays across my side. I love when he buries his face into mine and gives "hugs and loves". I love his open mouth kisses that he only shares with me while I'm laying down. I love the games we play and the giggles we share. I love his sense of humor. He's my #1 entertainer. I love his laughter. I love his stories. We do so much more together, truly one-on-one, him-and-I than we did before. It has really made me think about life, and parenting, and slowing down and taking opportunities and joy and true happiness and God and not missing what's most important...all because life has a tendency to get too busy and too chaotic and too selfish.

And there you have it...some thoughts on bedrest. There's probably more to come later...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Appointment Update

Today was my doctor's appointment. Everything went well. The doctor was in surgery so I didn't get to visit with him, but I talked with the nurse for a while and she answered some of my questions. Today they took blood for testing for Down's Syndrome, thyroid levels, etc., etc., etc. The bedrest restrictions still remain the changes there. So...I continue incubating this Lil' Bean, hoping and praying for another 21-22 weeks.

Bedrest is going well for me. I think it's harder on the rest of my family than it is for me. I just hope they will continue to be loving, helping and understanding. It will all be worth it...for everyone! the end.

My next appointment is with the perinatologist on Feb 9. I'm looking forward to it already!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Belly Shot!

14 weeks 3 days

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 1

I survived my first week of bedrest! Hooray! The week went well. Wade got a cold early in the week, so Ryan and I spent most of the week (days and nights) with Nana. Nana is so great. We're home now and it's the weekend. Weekends are usually the most difficult for me, but I don't really know why.

I've been feeling cramping or other concerning issues. My spirits are still high and although I'm not looking forward to staying in bed for the next 22+ weeks my focus continues to remain on incubating this little boy inside me instead of inside the NICU. I've finished the first row of the blanket I'm knitting for Lil' Bean. I've even started a "name list" that contains 7 or so possibilities, but I'm not sharing what they are. :)

14 weeks 2 days pregnant!

I started a new carepage and you're more than welcome to share it with friends and family. The updates will be the same as what you read here. CarePage name: LilBean

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bedrest and Baby Update

I apologize for the lack of pictures lately. We're still in a period of "transitions", and I haven't figured out how to "manage" everything yet. Of course I just got a new camera for Christmas and now I'm not able to use least not yet...I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to take some good pictures even while laying horizontal most of the day.

Now for an update.

The weekend went pretty well. It was...well...shall we say...uneventful...but right now I'd much rather have uneventful days than the opposite. I did learn that I can't do this on my own. It's amazing how much a mommy has to be up and doing things...5 minutes here...10 minutes there...all add up to more time on my feet that the doctor probably wants. Ryan does pretty well while I'm horizontal however he doesn't completely understand and often can heard saying, "Momma get up! Get up Momma!" So...Ryan and I are staying at my mom's house (Nana's house) during the day and coming home at night. Everyone sleeps better in their own beds. We're still working on nap-times at Nana's house. Today he didn't have one, but I intend to make it part of the routine asap. This new "arrangement" also helps with the meal-times. Nana is feeding us well. I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL FOR MY MOMMY! She always goes above and beyond what's expected and I hope I can someday bless her as much as she's blessed me.

I'm handling bedrest as good as can be expected...better than some I imagine. I spend my days playing with Ryan as much as he wants which isn't much since I'm horizontal and he prefers to be running everywhere. He does regularly come give his Momma some lov'ins and cuddles up next to me (or jumps on the bed next to me). I've been able to do a little reading. In fact I've scanned through an entire baby-names book and still have no names on my list of possibilities. I've watched some good programs on TV and recently signed up for Netflix so we'll have more movies to watch besides CARS. We watch CARS once a day at's Ryan's most favorite. I started knitting a blanket for Lil' Bean and when I finish I may start knitting some hats or blankets for the NICU babies at Mercy. The evenings after Ryan goes to bed I usually get on the internet and spend a little time updating this blog or reading/posting on a couple of forums designed for high-risk mommies.

I've been feeling well since the cerclage. I do have a little bit of concern that I may be calling the doctor on tomorrow. One of the "no-nos" that warrant a call to the doctor is cramping and I've been having some over the last couple of days. I was sent home on indomethicin and it seems that while I was taking that I didn't have any cramping/contractions. I was only given a supply enough to last a couple of days which is normal. The big delay I've had in calling the doctor so far is that I don't know if the cramping is true cramps or it's just related to gas. Pardon the bluntness. Movement helps move air through the system and now that my days are filled with little movement, so goes the air...nowhere fast. (Okay that was about as dignified as I could possibly make that conversation.) So I've been hesitant to call, but I've just about talked myself into making the phone call. It would probably put my mind at ease. If it's true cramping or even if it's not maybe the doctor will start me on some preventive meds to ward of contractions in the event that the real things start. I had contractions early with Ryan, but I dismissed them as Braxton hicks. I don't want to take any chances this time around.'s getting late and I'm getting tired. Bedrest can just wear a person out! :)

I might (still considering) start a new carepage for our Lil' Bean to keep everyone updated. It seems that having an e-mail reminder that an update has been posted is welcomed by many. If I decide to start one I'll post details here and just know that the updates will be a carbon copy of the updates posted here.

Any input would really be appreciated...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Update (Hospital Report)

As many of you probably already knew I had my first hospitalization for this pregnancy. Don't worry it was planned! I was scheduled for a cerclage (putting in a stitch to hold things together to keep baby in longer) on Tuesday, January 5th.

Wade and I arrived at the hospital at about 10 'till 3 in the afternoon. I was taken to a room on the L&D (labor and delivery) floor where an IV was started, blood was drawn, vital signs were recorded, and other such medically necessary things like history and physicals were completed. The procedure was to start at 5 p.m. At 6 p.m. I was wheeled back to the OR where I was given a spinal block and the procedure began. Within 30 minutes the doctor was finished and I was wheeled back to the room. At that time I was given the choice to stay overnight or leave whenever I was feeling well enough.

Before having the cerclage I was concerned about leaving so soon after something so major, but afterwards I felt well and wasn't having any contractions or major discomfort so I became indifferent to whether we stayed or went home that evening. At 10 p.m. I requested assistance to the restroom only to find that half of my legs and my behind were still numb. It was a rather odd sensation. At that time I decided that staying overnight was probably going to be the best option. It was midnight before I fully regained feeling in all of the lower half of my body.

The night was uneventful (other than the nurse that insisted on removing my IV at 12:30 a.m.) and the next morning I welcomed a nice hot plate of breakfast food and the sun shining through my window. The doctor made rounds about noon and at about 1 or so we were being escorted downstairs and out the front doors.

Overall the experience was good. It was AWESOME seeing and visiting with some of our favorite nurses from L&D as well as some of our favorite NICU nurses/RTs. We were welcomed with enthusiasm and our baby-to-be already has his own cheerleaders (nurses and RTs) excited for his arrival. With as much time as we've spent in the hospital these wonderful people are more than just doctors, nurses, RTs, etc. They are family!

The doctor gave a good report regarding the cerclage and left me with instructions I was anticipating hearing sometime during this pregnancy but wasn't quite expecting this early. He said he couldn't hardly see putting me on "strict" bedrest, so he is putting me on "modified" bedrest. After saying modified-bedrest he continued with BUT... "do as little as possible", "let others take care of you as much as possible", "stay off your feet as much as possible", and probably some other similar statements that I may have missed. His instructions didn't have a timeline but I got the impression it's for the duration of this pregnancy. But you know what?!...that's okay. Even before getting pregnant I anticipated bedrest. I don't dread it. I've already planned for it (as much as possible. I wasn't expecting it this early). It's the way I have to do things so I can have healthy babies. And a healthy baby is all that matters.

I spent the rest of the week with my mom so she could help with Ryan while I recovered. Now I'm home on a "trial" basis. I'm going to see how things go this weekend. Wade will be around for when I need his help. I'm hoping we can all get into a good, normal, relaxing, restful routine where I can still be home as much as possible afterall I'm not completely confined to the bed 24 hours a day (just as much as possible). Ryan plays very well by himself and can do many things unassisted like climbing in and out of his crib. By the way...his crib, we've decided, is his security and a boundary he still prefers/needs. He can climb in and out by himself, but he chooses to stay in without complaint during naps and bedtime. We've tried moving him to a "big-boy" bed and he's just not ready. Anyway...I'm hoping that we can stay home some, and when we need/want to go to Nana's for a few days she is more than willing and ready. (She didn't want us to leave this evening.) So far the only thing I can't quite figure out how to manage is meals.

For now we just keep doing what we're doing. We make adjustments where needed and we learn what works and doesn't work. We keep hoping and praying that God blesses us with a full-term healthy baby. I'm looking forward to all of this...I really am! I'm sure there will be days when my outlook isn't quite as cheerful, but I must enter into this time with hope and expectations for greatness. God is still in control! Keep praying!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hooray...Till Next Year

Yesterday we had our last Christmas get together and while Christmas is so much fun we are saying "Hooray...till next year!"
See...even Ryan is smiling!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby update

I went to the high-risk perinatologist last Tuesday for an ultrasound. All is well and baby is growing well. The doctor seemed quite pleased with how the baby looked. He said I'm measuring right on target...11w6d at the time which puts me at 12w3d today. I was so relieved to here everything is well. I had not been to the doctor for 4 weeks and for someone who has a high-risk pregnancy and many complications that seemed like FOREVER!

Anyway...all is well and I'm scheduled for a cerclage this coming Tuesday. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time. I'll feel so much better knowing I have a little extra help in that area for keeping this baby inside. Of course I also realize it's not a 100% safeguard, but it feels like an extra safety-net regardless. The cerclage is scheduled for 5 p.m. I might be staying overnight, but that detail is still up in the air.

Oh and [image] We're having a boy! (Or at least from the bottom end of things it sure looks like we're having a boy)