Thursday, April 30, 2009

That Was Totally Unexpected

Okay....Ryan is two! I realize that two year olds have scrapes, scratches, bumps and bruises. He seems to be getting a new one every day. For the March for Babies Walk this weekend Ryan now has at least 3 noticeable bruises on his head and 1 black eye. This kid...I swear. At least it is going to be cool enough for him to wear long pants because I don't even want to discuss his legs (think dogs, cement, sticks, playing outside in shorts, clumsy). I was having a discussion with my hairdresser today about kids and accidents. It's so sad that in today's society you almost have to question whether or not someone will think your kid is being abused when they go around looking like my sweet boy with all his bruises. I promise...every one of the bruises was by his own doing. I guess it can also be a good thing, too. With this new heightened awareness of abuse perhaps more children are being *saved* from their abusers. I hope. Oh...and yes...I did get my hair cut today.

Ryan did something new today, and although I thoroughly enjoy most of his new things this new thing was totally unexpected and not so much of a good thing. Since Ryan turned 2 he has introduced us to the concept of TEMPER TANTRUMS. Those were totally expected...and most of the time I find them to be quite comical. I just have to make sure he is on the carpet before thrusting himself to the ground in a good, lung-enhancing scream. They don't annoy me. I realize that he is trying to develop his independence and when things don't go quite like he expected he gets very frustrated. For example he wants to drive his truck between the chair and the table and he or it won't fit. When I get frustrated I sometimes want to scream (sometimes I do), so the fact that his frustration brings about a meltdown doesn't bother me one bit. The only tantrums I don't allow to go undisciplined are those where he is mad because he isn't getting his way. For example he wants another cookie and I said "no". Those are a first-class ticket to his room. I don't want to watch a bratty fit. The ones that ensue because Ryan hasn't learned all the laws of Physics...those are the ones I find myself chuckling at.

Well...tonight Ryan wanted to play with the Mr. Potato Head. Mr. Potato Head has sooooo many pieces and I had already picked them up at least one or two times earlier in the day and it was almost bedtime and I was watching a show and it was almost time for bed and I didn't want to pick up all the pieces again and we already had plenty of stuff strung out that would need to be picked up before bedtime and it was almost time for bed and I was watching one of my favorite shows. (Hey...I only have about 2 shows I thoroughly enjoy which equals to about 2 hours total during the entire week that I just want to be left alone to really, really watch tv.) Ryan tried to open Mr. Potato Head (the hat unscrews so all the many pieces can be freed). He was unsucessful. He got very frustrated. He then started banging his head on the floor...repeatedly. Not just a tap on the floor or a tap on the toy causing the frustration as he has been known to do in the past but an all out BANGING HIS HEAD ON THE FLOOR. He will probably have a new bruise on the middle of his forehead to add to the ones he was already collecting. That was totally unexpected. I had to physically pick him up and bear hug him to get him to settle down. He bear hugged right back as though he was saying "Thanks mom. Do you still love me? Am I going to be okay?" I just held him tight and rocked him until he felt calm enough to get down and play again. That was the most severe meltdown he has ever had.

Oh my...what do I do with this one? Is this concerning or is this just another new normal 2-year-old thing?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a Week

What a week we've had. So far we've...
...washed windows

...cleaned carpets

...bathed the dogs, after which we had to clean the bathtub.

...checked the lights. Yep! They work.

...tried on t-shirts. Oops! Too big.

...stripped the beds

...made the beds.

...rolled our eyes.

...made a new friend.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Congrats to my friend Rebecca and her husband.

Kyle was born on Monday at 7 something in the morning. He weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces! He was able to stay with mom and has never had to go the NICU. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Mom and baby are doing well and should be going home on Thursday.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Playmate?


He needs to just move on to some other backyard.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ryan is getting better. He only needed 2 breathing treatments today. He's still coughing quite a bit, and he still gets winded easily but that hasn't slowed him down one bit. Not that I've found much of anything that will actually slow him down. I decided (again that Mommy judgment) to take Ryan off the oral steroids one day early. You can't imagine what steroids do to my kid. He becomes someone that I just about can't stand. It's like he's been invaded by aliens from some far off planet that the scientists of this world have only dreamed about. (I don't really believe in aliens...just in case you were wondering). He becomes this uncontrollable, wild, crazy, cranky, fussy, indecisive, irritable, maniac who wants to love you one moment and spit in your face the next. It's just not pretty. Any doctor that wants to put him on steroids again better be ready to give a super long list of reasons why I we have to endure that.

I was informed that Ryan has an appointment with the Allergy and Asthma Clinic on May 8th at 8:00 a.m.. I was told that Ryan and I should expect to spend several hours at the clinic that morning. I have absolutely no idea what the plan is for that day. The only thing I know is that I will have to take off work for at least half a day, but I think that shouldn't be too much of a problem. After working for 9 months and never taking a day off I think I should be able to swing a sick day to spend with my little boy. The receptionist who called me was from the pediatrician's office and she couldn't even tell me where I'm supposed to go. I have a general idea where the clinic is, but I'm not certain of the building. She gave me the number for the clinic and told me to call them for any details.

On tomorrow's list of *Things to Do* (besides cleaning this filthy house...since Monday is cleaning day around here) is to
  • Call the Allergy and Asthma Clinic for details
  • Call Ryan's Pulmonologist whom we haven't seen for almost a year and discuss Ryan's illnesses and the upcoming appointment with the receptionist/nurse and see if he/they have anything to add and if they want to see him too. (I know...that was one really long run-on sentence, but I'm leaving it "as is" just to annoy all the teachers out there. If you know my background, you know this teacher is kidding) It's not necessary I guess, but since Ryan has a Pulmonologist we might as well keep him in the loop. Besides, at this point he is the doctor I trust the most right now. Trusting doctors can be difficult for me, but I'll get into that another time.
  • Clean this filthy house.
  • Work on March of Dimes Bank Day. Did you know that we (our team, the Miracles of Mercy) will be turning in an additional $2200 on Tuesday. We've exceeded our Team goal of $5000. WooHoo Team!!!!!
  • Have some FUN!
Since the last few posts have been technical I thought tonight I'd add a little fun to this blog.
"Dirty Feet!"
Ryan and I worked in the garden this weekend. We planted 4 tomato , 2 eggplants, 2 squash, 2 watermelon, and 2 pumpkin plants. Our garden isn't big by any means, but I enjoy watching things grow and produce. Nana and Papa Donnie plant enough in their gardens each year to feed the entire neighborhood, so we won't ever be lacking. I think Ryan can learn a lot from gardening...maybe when he's a bit older though. For now...he enjoys picking things that he's actually permitted to eat. He loves to get in the asparagus bed and search for a stalk of asparagus after which he carries it around chewing on it...until he decides to feed it to the dogs.

Prayers and Praises
Rebecca, my good friend and the mother of one of the Miracles of Mercy preemies has been in the hospital for about 6 weeks or a little more. I first mentioned her back in February when she began having significant complications with her pregnancy. I have to give praises to God for he has heard and answered prayer yet again. Rebecca will be delivering (via c-section) her 36-week-old baby tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. Please pray for her in all aspects that you feel led as she says "hello" to this beautiful new life...this miracle. Pray for this precious baby that s/he won't have to go to the NICU. 36 weeks is still considered 1 week premature, but oftentimes babies born at this gestation don't need NICU intervention...sometimes they do though. Pray for this sweet family tomorrow if you will, and be sure to give your offerings of praise and adoration to our Awesome God too.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nowhere and New

I have to recap a little. Two days ago...Wednesday to be exact...I took Ryan to the doctor because he was sick, yet again. Read this post to get the full scoop on that day...well almost.

I'll elaborate a little here if you'll just humor me for a moment. We went to the doctor and waited for over an hour just to be able to see him. Now remember...he can't breathe well. One of the earliest things taught in Nursing School is that breathing issues are TOP PRIORITY which I figure ought to be a no-brainer. Um...duh. Well, quite honestly he wasn't breathing *that* bad, so I wasn't *too* worried at the time, but I did want Dr. S's opinion on the matter. Anyway...we see the doctor, get some medicine, get a referral, and off we go.

We then went and got some lunch to kill a little time to allow the prescriptions to be processed and filled. After our leisurely lunch we went to the pharmacy which, I might add, is one of my favorites. It's Mercy's Hospital Pharmacy, and they're great. We got to the desk to pick up our prescriptions and they, (of course), need to see our insurance card. The technician said it would take about 10 minutes or so for them to get everything processed. After our 10 minutes had elapsed the tech motioned for me to come to the window. She said the computer was showing that we had NO COVERAGE! What!!! Are you kidding me!? We go through the whole discussion of: "Is this an old card?", "No", "Do you have a new card?", "That's the most recent", "Do you have another card?", "Yea, but it's identical to the one you have. Here you go.", "Yep, it's identical....well....", "Oh let me have my card and I'll call the insurance company and see what's going on." Etc...

I called the Insurance Company and they were very helpful and after visiting with technician for nearly 20 minutes on my cell phone the issue was resolved. I only missed two or three work calls during that time. Oh well. I called everyone back. No harm done.

After the insurance issue was resolved we still had one medication that was going to cost us $300. We declined.

Ummm....after writing that I find it to be an almost pointless story...SO IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE POINT OF THIS POST START READING HERE...and skip the beginning.

After coming home from the doctor Ryan wasn't doing well at all and we almost took him to the ER because he was having so much trouble breathing. His evening breathing treatment helped and he was able to relax and sleep through the night with only a few interruptions.

Yesterday, Thursday, I decided to call the doctor and ask about a few things: 1) Can we give the breathing treatments more frequently than every 6 hours because Ryan starts having a lot of trouble again about 4 hours post treatment. 2)The Pulmicort was way too expensive, can we get something else 3) Ryan is now running a fever, is this of concern. I called the doctor's office at 9 a.m. Again...breathing issue...should be reason for need to breathe to'd think it pretty much a no-brainer that a call about a breathing problem would be concerning. Ummm....I guess not. I didn't receive a return call until 4 p.m. Yep...that's right...7 hours later. It's a good thing Ryan's breathing started improving a little and that I had already decided to do my own thing with good "Mommy judgment" with the breathing treatments. Oh...did I mention it was 7 hours later before I got a return phone call, was the nurse just wanting to know what concerns I had so she could tell the doctor. I didn't get any actual answers until 5 p.m. and the answers I got..."Bring Ryan in to see the doctor tomorrow morning at 8:10." So...

Today the clinic opened at 8:00 and we walked in shortly after 8:00. We didn't see the doctor until almost 9:00. How can he be an hour behind when we were only the second or third patient on his list for the morning? Now I do understand that *things happen*. The other day when we waited for an hour in the waiting room I didn't get too upset because for one we were not on the original schedule. We were given one of the "Urgent" spots. They had several critically ill patients walk in that morning that took more time that normal and rightfully so.

I love Dr. S. He's been wonderful. He is a wonderful doctor. Unfortunately he has let himself become a "too busy" doctor. I've been considering this for awhile, so I think it's time to find a new doctor for Ryan. Several of our doctor visits lately have been...well...I've left feeling like we've gotten nowhere. He comes in in a flurry, hurries through everything, and out in a flash. Today was not much different. He listened to Ryan, said he sounded pretty good, but still had some wheezing and for us to just give it some time. And...out he went.

Dr. S. did send for a prescription for a different inhaled steroid via an inhaler with a spacer instead of the nebulizer. After reminding him that he had prescribed the spacer the last time we were in his office (two days prior) he said to just use the mask and give it the same as with the other inhalent. I told him we didn't have a mask. He insisted he wrote the script for it. I insisted we didn't have it. He said he would write a new script for it with the new inhalent.

Ryan and I went home and spent some time at home. We also ran a few errands. This evening...about 4 I finally went to pick up the prescriptions. The pharmacy never got the prescription request for the mask. Ryan isn't old enough to use the spacer without the mask (I learned that this morning at the doctor's office), so I told them I'd call the doctor and see what happened. The tech said they'd have to order one anyway, which, by the way, probably would have been delivered today had the order been received early in the a.m. I told her the new inhalent wouldn't do us any good without the mask and I left (somewhat irritated). I called the doctor's office and "left a message".

Can you tell I'm a little frustrated!

SO THE POINT IS (if you really wanted to skip all of my ranting)...Ryan is doing better. He is still wheezing and gets good and winded when he runs around like a crazy kid (oh yea...that's all the time!) God is the best healer. We still have no inhaled steroid and won't be able to get one until Monday which by that time we probably won't really need anyway. Today's doctor's appointment was relatively pointless although if and when we do actually get a mask for the inhalent spacer that will be nice for when he needs the Albuterol (non-steroid rescue inhaler).

Finally...Ryan is doing much better...God is good!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We're going back to the doctor early tomorrow morning. For now just enjoy this...

Isn't he just the sweetest.

For a laugh consider this: Ryan + Steroids = The ADHD Energizer Bunny

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Sick Little Boy

I have one very sick little boy.

I took Ryan to the doctor this morning, not because he seemed to be so horribly sick compared to his other recent illnesses, but he gets sick every 2 weeks. I can almost write it on the calendar. He gets sick. It lasts 10 days to 2 weeks. He's well for 2 weeks. He gets sick for two weeks and then he's well for 2 weeks. We've been doing this for months now. I decided it was time to talk to the doctor, and boy am I glad I went ahead and made an appointment. As the morning wore on Ryan's breathing got worse and worse.

Our appointment was at 10:20. We arrived at 10:05. We were finally put in an exam room at 11:15. That was a miserable wait in the waiting room. An hour sitting in a waiting room with a sick toddler is's just bad. (I can't think of any good analogies tonight.)

The beginning of the conversation with Dr. S went like this:

Dr.: "Hey, guys how is everyone doing today?"
Me: "I'm good, he's not so good."
Dr.: Before I finish talking..."Man, he sounds awful. I'm glad you brought him in when you did, this is bad."

Dr S. theorizes that Ryan is having some MAJOR allergy problems with the possibility of some asthma-type stuff. He really didn't think Ryan "picked" up anything like a virus or bacterial infection. I'm not so sure on that, but I'll trust his judgment.

Dr. S. put Ryan on an antibiotic for 3 days, an oral steroid for 5, alburterol breathing treatments for as long as necessary, pulmocort (steroid) breathing treatments for at least a week, zyrtec, nasocort, and maybe one other med, but it escapes me at the moment. Ryan is now old enough to have his own inhaler with a spacer for when we are out and about instead of lugging around the nebulizer. This is a very good thing. I haven't tried the spacer/inhaler yet because he was desperately needing a breathing treatment when we got home and since I'm familiar with the nebulizer it was the quickest way I could get him some medicine.

We were unable to get the Pulmicort (steroid) because of insurance issues, so I'll be calling the doctor about it tomorrow. After insurance paid their measly $100 our part of the bill was going to be $300!

Dr. S. also referred us to the Allergy and Asthma Clinic at Children's Hospital. We will be receiving a call from them someday soon and I'll keep everyone informed when I know more.

Since we've been home Ryan has really been having some problems breathing. Up until his last breathing treatment we were just steps away from taking him to the ER. He's been breathing fast, with retractions, and wheezing. I gave him a breathing treatment at 8:00 p.m. That seemed to help. I will be sleeping in his room tonight.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update Lost

Okay this a just a short rant...

Throughout the day (over the last several days) I've considered what I want to talk about on the blog when I actually get a chance to write. However...when I actually get an extended amount of time worthy of delving into a composition my brain decides to take a hike. Ummm...excuse me brain...I didn't tell you it was okay to take the evening off. For some reason I've been super sleepy starting at about 8:00 p.m., and when I get sleepy I can't think worth a hoot. So...Ryan goes to bed...and I pretty much do too. Just know that, yes, someday (hopefully soon) my brain will stay awake long enough for me to write a well-written pile of prose or at least a heap of ordinary expressions of what's actually been on my mind.

Until then...

Ryan is sick AGAIN! We went to church on Sunday. He stayed in the nursery. Snotty kids were present. Why I didn't leave I don't know. End of story.

Pray for Stellan

Please pray for Stellan today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

March of Dimes Update

Wow! We have been so incredibly busy lately. It's been so much fun, such an honor, and exhausting all in one, but mostly I can describe it as a blessing. Part of me is looking forward to a little bit slower pace and less busy-ness, but part of me is really going to miss all this.

The highlight of last week (or at least what I remember tonight at 9:00) was on Thursday when I had a radio interview with KTOK and KXY. I had to arrive at the studio at 6:45 a.m. You know...that's before the rooster gets up! I usually take Ryan with me to all of the March of Dimes events unless it is not appropriate. I felt this was one of those "not appropriate times", so Ryan stayed with Daddy and Nana until I got home. I could just picture it...Sweet little two year old...cranky because he had to wake up 3 hours earlier than normal...wanting to run around...pulling on microphones...unplugging cords...the station goes dead...all because a 2-year-old somehow found, and unplugged the main power supply. Ohhhh that thought scares me. I have to stop with my imaginary travels now. Anyway...Courtney (March of Dimes) and I were interviewed by two different stations regarding the March of Dimes and March for Babies. I got to talk about Ryan and our story with each interview, which, as you know I can't think of very many things better to talk about. I have a copy of the KTOK interview that I would love to post on the blog, but I can't figure out how to post a single Mp3. Does anyone know how to do that?

On Monday of this week I presented our story to the elementary and middle-school kids at our local school. I love talking to the kids. Ryan ran around the entire time. A funny story: I was presenting Ryan's story while he was running around. He found a little girl that, for some reason, he took a liking too. He promptly turned around and sat in her lap like he belonged and began to just listen. The little girl didn't know what to think about that, but her teacher reassured her that he would get up in just a minute. She kept saying she didn't want him in her lap, so some of the other kids nearby starting saying they wanted him to sit in their laps. (The little girl was in the 4-year-old class). Ryan doesn't know a stranger and has this incredible ability to love all people and enjoy all people. He repeated this scenario when the middle-school classes entered the gym for the presentations. He found someone and immediately became their friend and lap buddy.

Monday evening my brother and I went to the March of Dimes Sports Headliner Banquet. It was amazing! And by far the fanciest place/event I've ever been ties, formal dresses, steak dinner and wine. Oh my! It was an incredible experience. Sports heroes such as Sam Bradford (OU quaterback, Heismann trophy winner), Jonathan Horton (Olympic silver and bronze medalist), Courtney Paris (OU basketball), Anthony Kim (golf), Matt Fodge (OSU punter), and others were in attendance and were presented awards and recognition. I think may favorite was when the Empire Elite Cheerleading Squad was recognized and awarded. It is a cheerleading squad of children with handicaps, neurological or physical, and many of them were preemies. This is one of the March of Dimes big fundraising events. I don't know how much money was raised, but it would be interesting to find out.

Tuesday...we stayed home....awww...breathe.

Wednesday was the March of Dimes Lobby Day at the the State Capitol.

Since I had never been inside our State Capitol it was a very neat experience, and, you know me...I had to take some pictures. Ryan also went to the Capitol although his unfit mother neglected to get him in any good pictures. It was so busy at the Capitol that day that it would have been impossible for me to let him run around in order to capture a good picture. He would have been lost in the crowd immediately.
Here we are with the National Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes. They are from Virginia and their little girl was born at 25 weeks, but was a victim of IUGR, so when she was born she only measured at about 21 weeks gestation. She is such a little miracle...and such a little fighter.

There were several other groups at the Capitol that day including this very large group. If you heard anything about the Boston Tea Party protests happening around the nation then you now know what this group is. There was an amazing turn out for the event (protest...whatever you want to call it) of over 5000! I stopped and listened for a while, so now I guess I can say that, "yes" I have been to a protest. Hmmmm.

On Thursday morning Ryan and I went to a breakfast at the Renaissance Women's Hospital. They are one of the presenting sponsors for the March for Babies this year. Basically that means they are one of the top-dollar contributors. The National Ambassador family was also at the breakfast. Kaitlyn and Ryan became instant friends.

The Oklahoman came during the end of the breakfast and both the National Ambassador family and our family were interviewed. We ended up on the 2nd page of the paper this morning: **READ THE ARTICLE HERE** Woo Hoo!

After breakfast Ryan and I went to visit Rebecca in the hospital and her Ryan was there too. Our two Ryans played together nicely at the hospital although my Ryan was so crazy and wild that Rebecca and I didn't get to visit that much. Rebecca will be 35 weeks pregnant on Monday and her doctor has said he will induce/c-sect. at week 36. She's just about to make it! Hooray for Rebecca!

After our visit to the hospital Ryan and I went to lunch with the March of Dimes staff and the National Ambassador family. I was able to sit down with the family and really listen to their story and get to know them a little more personally. I just love their little girl. I wish we lived closer together. We could be really good friends. The National Ambassador family flew out of Oklahoma that evening.

Like I said this week has been really busy. Our busy days seem to be coming to an end though. Thursday was our last scheduled event with the March of Dimes. Our last big event is the March for Babies walk on May 2nd. Congratulations to our team...we've already raised $4,717. That's amazing!! Good job team!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


"My mom really has a lot to talk about and so very much to catch up on with this blog...not to mention all the things on her mind that she wants to express and share here. I wonder if she will ever find time to do all better not cut into our playtime though!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I don't even know what to say about this picture.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm playing a little catch-up with the blog.

Last weekend Ryan, Nana, and I met Lizzy and Bradford at the zoo. We had a great time. The zoo is a having a limited-time-only Dinosaur Exhibit...complete with life-size dinosaurs that move and make sounds. I typically don't like dinosaur exhibits, not because I dis-like or dis-believe in dinosaurs, but most of the time exhibits like these end up being nothing more than an evolution-pushing-"educational" (dumbing-down) event. However, when you have a toddler there is no such thing as reading any "educational" plague anywhere...whether it be about the zebras or the dinosaurs.
Aunt Lizzy and her boyfriend, Bradford. Bradford discovered that going to the zoo with a two-year-old is an entirely new experience. He is one of those guys who will stop to read every single plague in its entirety. Ummm....not with a two-year-old!
Ryan loved the dinosaurs. He was absolutely fascinated by them. It was pretty neat to see. The entire day at the zoo was spent running with little time spent studying any one animal or thing. That is...until we got the dinosaurs. Ryan was just in awe of the huge, majestic creatures. I must admit that they were pretty awesome. I can't imagine what it would have been like to actually walk the earth with these creatures. Wow!
Ryan loved the tricerotops so much that he fed the beast. He took handfuls of his cereal and tossed it to Mr. Tricerotops for his mid-afternoon snack. (Don't worry I picked up all the cereal pieces before we left.) The zoo personnell thought was very funny though.
Ryan could have fit in the mouth of this giant.


Friday, April 10, 2009


I boiled eggs earlier this week, so that Ryan and I can dye Easter Eggs. He found them cooling in a pan and grabbed one before I saw what was happening.
So...we had a casualty...squished...stomped...and even rolled in.
At least he ate a little of it too...albeit while acting like a puppy. I'll leave that to your imagination.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

T-Shirts and Our *Family*

Here is the final t-shirt design. I took it up to Sharp Ink (a local place) and she said the design looked great. I will be calling her this morning sometime to add my final count on the number of t-shirts to order. So far we have about 60 shirts to order!
Here is the design for the kids' t-shirts. That is...the preemies. I will be making these at home. I want to introduce you to the preemies on our team. All of these babies are graduates from the NICU at Mercy Hospital, thus the name "Miracles of Mercy". Each of these kids and their families we met and became friends with either because we were in the NICU together or after leaving the NICU and during a NICU graduate meeting. They are all dear friends of ours and we're super excited to have this great big family team made up of our awesome NICU friends!

You all know Ryan. He's mine. He was born at 24 weeks (23 weeks 5 days according to the charts we were keeping at home). He weighed 1 pound 8 ounces. He was in the NICU 90 days. Ryan is now 2.
Here is Macy! Macy is a twin. She was born 10 weeks early at 30 weeks. She weighed 2 pounds 11 ounces. She was in the NICU for about 2 months. She was on a ventilator for a week or two. Macy will be 2 in a week or two.
Connor is also a twin. Macy is his sister. He was born first and was the biggest of the two. He weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces. He was in the NICU for about 6 weeks. His NICU stay was relatively uneventful although still very stressful for his parents. He was on oxygen for just a day or two, but never had to be on a ventilator. He came home a couple of weeks before his sister, Macy. Connor will be 2 in a week or two.

Macy and Connor's mom, Janelle, had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and after much prayer and with the help of medicine God blessed her with twins. Needless to say she was terrified when she went into labor and subsequently delivered her twins 10 weeks early. I met Janelle about a week or two before her twins were born at a ladies' Bible study/fellowship. When her twins were delivered the babies were brought to the NICU and were in the beds right next to us. The were our neighbors! All of about 2 hours we were neighbors, for they kicked us out of the intensive care side of the NICU that evening. We've been good friends ever since. We have regular play dates and our kids just love to play together.
This is Lillie! Lillie was born at 36 weeks which in the world of medicine is only considered 1 week premature although 4 weeks before her due date. She weighed 2 pounds 15 ounces. Why so small you ask? Her mom, Sarah, had severe high blood pressure throughout her pregnancy. Finally, after being at 36 weeks and still never having felt her baby move, she went to the doctor and insisted that something was seriously wrong. They did an emergency c-section and out came this beautiful, tiny little girl. She suffered from IUGR (intra-uterine-growth-restriction?). Basically she was wasn't getting any nutrients while inside and was starving. I met Lillie and her mom at a NICU graduate meeting just recently. We've e-mailed back a forth quite a few times, and I hope to get to know this family better as time goes on.
Here is Ryan! Ryan was born 10 weeks early, at 30 weeks and weighed 3 pounds 7 ounces. I met his mom, Rebecca, while we were in the NICU. We met at a Parent meeting one evening and have been good friends ever since. Ryan was born 3 weeks after my Ryan. His NICU stay was amazing. He did so well and was able to go home several weeks before his original due date. Ryan is a little brother to an angel and a big brother to a baby-to-be. Gavin was the first baby born to this family. He was born at about 23-24 weeks gestation (same as my Ryan), but he passed away a week or two later. Rebecca is currently pregnant with "baby-to-be". She doesn't know what she is having, but she and her husband are very excited. She has been in the hospital on strict bedrest for 4 weeks, so I've had the pleasure of visiting with her and seeing her fairly regularly. She is now at 32-33 weeks with this baby, and is excited and anxious about meeting her new little one. She never dreamed she would have made it this far in this pregnancy. She went on home bedrest at about 20 weeks. If you think about it, say a prayer for this family.
Meet Peyton! Peyton was born at 33 weeks, 7 weeks early. She weighed 4 pounds 13 ounces. She is doing very well now, and is quite the *BIG* girl for being a preemie. She has some preemie issues problems, breathing problems. She just turned 1 on March 31st. I met Peyton and her mom, Ashlee, at a NICU graduate meeting. We don't get to spend a lot of time together, but we e-mail fairly regularly.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Here are the pictures from Ryan's first Easter Egg Hunt. He didn't quite know what to do at first, but he got the hang of it. Every egg he picked up he had to open and see what treasures were inside. If I didn't take each egg from him as he picked them up he would have stopped to eat the candy before picking up the next one.

Last night he was playing with his Daddy and found an Easter egg in his room. He opened it up and promptly tossed it across the room telling his Daddy that it was "all gone". He was rather disappointed!