Saturday, August 27, 2011

Milestone Firsts

Our sweet little family experienced a GREAT BIG milestone first this week. Ryan started school! Wow it's hard to believe he's in school already.
School has been a big topic of conversation around our house for quite some time. For many reasons. Of course Ryan being 4 and "old enough" for a preschool or pre-k program was the main reason. Is he ready? Should we wait? All day pre-k? Half day preschool? Even discussions of homeschooling vs public schooling.

We always thought we'd homeschool our kids and...eventually...I may still do that. I love all there is to love about homeschooling and I'm not totally in love with the public school system. HOWEVER...for now we are doing this... Oh wait I'll get to it in a minute. Let me finish some other thoughts.

Yes he's ready! Just over the last 4 or 5 months Ryan has matured and developed TREMENDOUSLY. I'm amazed!

Waiting. For now, yes, we're waiting. Sort of. He's still going to school but not "Big School" (public school). Yet. He's on their "wait list" and if a spot opens up we may move him to Big School.

Half day all the way! I don't think any 4-year-old should be in a school setting all day long. That being said, when/if he goes to Big School Pre-K he will be in school all day M-F. Because that's all they have. Crescent's Pre-K program is an all-day program. Which could be a blessing if something else comes about (to be discussed at another time). I'm extremely grateful that he's having the opportunity to "learn" about school in a half-day program for a while. I think he needs that adjustment time.

So here it is! Carrying On His Smile Learning Center. It's a private little preschool/daycare center. Ryan attends the preschool program Monday thru Thrusday 7:30-11:30. That's plenty of time for now. He will be eating breakfast and lunch at school with his friends. Their primary focus of this program is to prepare kids for "Big School". He will learn the basics like numbers and letters but there is also a focus on socialization that will be very beneficial when Ryan moves to the public school system.

His first week was this past week. He did great! He was excited to go each day and pretty much ran through the door leaving us behind and never looked back. He won't talk about his day at school...what he learned...what he did, etc. So far each day I've only learned what ride-on toy he played with. The firetruck. The pink car with a trailer. The red one. Etc. His favorite is the firetruck. Through a number of probing questions I did discover he got in trouble one day and had to sit in time-out after his teacher told him 3 times not to run over stuff. My guess is he was trampling everything in his path...something he does when he's tired or frustrated.

I think Ryan is going to do really well in school. The social growth is going to be, and already has been, amazing. His cognitive growth is also amazing. I'm so excited for him. And so sad too. My little boy is growing up. Hitting milestones. Passing firsts. Leaving me standing at the door with tears in my eyes as he plays away. Enjoying it all. Growing up.

I love you Ryan!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I finally received some cooperation. Cooperation with the environment, the weather, the surroundings and most importantly...

from this wonderful kid!

Awww...finally some good pictures!

It's a Hole!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Helpers

Here are 2 of my wonderful helpers.By the way...we now have a "new" helper in the family. She's BIG. I'll explain later. :)

(FYI: If it seems that Ryan is in less and less of the pictures please just know that I hold no prejudices one child to another. Ryan is at an age where he sees the camera and runs...or does something ridiculous like putting a pillow over his head. In addition he won't keep his clothes on so even those cute-picture moments can't be shared. It's not acceptable to post a picture of a naked kid. Hopefully when the weather cools off I'll be able to *sneak* some pictures of the kid.)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Chair

The boys got a new chair recently. I think they really like it.

By the way...I love freebies!