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Remembering 2009













Happy New Year!

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Last weekend we had our Christmas celebration with my Mom's side of the family. It was a great weekend. As a present to us my family helped move us to our new home. Here are some pictures of the fun.

And finally here are some pictures of our new home. We are, of course, still in the beginning stages of unpacking, so things aren't quite as tidy and organized as they will (hopefully) eventually be but everything is coming together quite nicely. It is already starting to feel like home.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty's been a while since I've posted. My excuses: busy and tired. But alas, my sweet little boy is sleeping and I'm doing a whole bunch of nothing (as opposed to what I should be doing...packing).

And since my little boy is so stinkin' goofy I thought I'd share these pictures with you.

He still thinks he needs to squeeze in every tight space.

The reason behind this kitty carrier is that we thought we were going to add to the Stanfill family plethora of 4-legged creatures. Someone dumped 2 sweet, beautiful kittens off at my mom's house. She didn't want them and asked begged me to take at least one of them. I agreed and gathered up the supplies for the kitty. Unfortunately upon closer inspection I discovered that kitty was a male, and after my horrible experience with a male cat from years past (spraying everything in the house...even when neutered...ruining tubs of baby supplies...requiring a full room floor redo) I refused the new addition. Now maybe if some sweet, cute little female kitty were to wander up...then we'll talk.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm so sorry for my slothfulness in keeping the blog updated. I've been so tired, so busy, a little stressed, and did I mention tired? But things are looking up! We've just about finished the house project. In fact...we're moving in next weekend (19th)! Hooray! There are still a few things left to complete, but we decided that they weren't so critical to keep us from moving in. You can't imagine what a relief it is to finally be moving in. I was really beginning to stress about how we were going to finish the house and get moved in when I'll be having a cerclage with all the limitations and restrictions too. So....with a tremendous amount of help from my mom and family friends we've finally reached the point of moving and it's now getting very exciting again.

Ryan is doing well. His therapist said he is right on target for an ALMOST 3-YEAR-OLD! Oh I can't believe he's almost 3. Time does fly. Another reason for my excitement in getting moved is the return of "normal". I realize it will be a new normal, but Ryan's schedule has been so disrupted and unpredictable that he's beginning to show signs. Signs that I'm not really enjoying. Signs that make me say "oh my". Signs that he's in desperate need of change...change back to normal. Normal mornings. Normal lunches. Normal play times. Normal times with his Mommy. Normal NAP TIMES! Normal evenings. Normal bedtime. NORMAL again...please!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Momma's Kitchen Helper

First: Find the right recipe.

Next: Peel the potatoes...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pictures With Santa

Yesterday we did some Christmas shopping and although our intentions were good our success was limited. A Full day of shopping and two gifts purchased is not what I was planning.

The highlight of the day was this...
Ryan had pictures with Santa!

It was purely spur of the moment. Ryan wasn't even dressed for pictures, so I bought him some jeans and a sweater at a 50% off sale. His hair was a mess and when water wouldn't tame it I resorted to "testing" a new "flavor" at bath and body works, spiking his hair with "what wouldn't rub in". I wasn't sure what to expect...would he cry? scream? whine for his Momma? Nope. My boy hammed it up something wonderful and we were able to get a great picture of Ryan with Santa! Awww...that's my boy!

On to other things...
Ryan spent the first night away from home on Tuesday evening. I went to the movies with my sister. (In case you wanted to know...we saw Blindside. It was great!) Nana asked if Ryan could just stay the night. I, of course, said yes. I figured it might be a good idea to let Ryan have some experiences spending the night away from home in the event I end up on hospital bedrest or if nothing else for when "Baby" arrives and I'm in the hospital for a couple of nights. Ryan loved it. Nana loved it. When I went to Nana's house the next morning I eagerly awaited his enthusiastic greeting, "There's my Momma!" Alas...I was greeted with "No Momma! Go-e-ay (go away)". Ohhh...where'd my sweet boy go?

Ryan, Nana and I went swimming with Aunt Lizzy the other evening at a hotel Lizzy is staying in while attending a conference in the City. Ryan still loves the water!

At my last OB appointment which was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving "baby" was 10.8mm long and everything was looking good.
I received a call from Dr. G's nurse earlier this week with a message that my thyroid levels were too low. I am now taking levothyroxine to help regulate my thyroid. I don't know if that is something related to pregnancy and will return to normal or if it is a new medical condition that we just happened to notice with all the bloodwork related to pregnancy. Oh well...the medicine is only $2 a month. A mal-functioning thyroid could explain the over-excessive fatigue I've been having. This is my third pregnancy and I've never felt this tired before. Maybe when my thyroid is regulated that will lessen a bit.

I've still been feeling pretty well other than the pregnancy "normals"...tired, nausea (all day off and on), etc. I still don't have any cravings to speak of, and I also don't have any major aversions. It just comes and goes. Something might sound good today and be absolutely nauseating tomorrow. I'm starting to "show" a little and my regular clothes are already too uncomfortable to wear. I guess by the time you get to number 3 that should be expected though. I just can't believe I'm already wearing some maternity clothes and I'm only 8 weeks! Oh my.

I return to my OB on the 23rd for a regular check-up. On the 29th I have an ultrasound scheduled with the high-risk OB to verify everything is "normal" and "healthy" with baby and me. After that I will be having a cerclage on January 5th. I'll be about 12-13 weeks pregnant at that time. It's all so exciting...and scary...and exciting.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009