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One of these days I'll take the time to write about the goings-on around here, but not today....

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Bit The Dust!

I promise I haven't forsaken the blog (and all those desperately wanting to see pictures). Unfortunately my little Acer, my #1 logging computer, bit the dust. It had war with a cup of coffee and the coffee won. :( The worst part...all my pics from the last 6 months were on that computer. Hopefully we can still retrieve those. It really hit me hard though and I haven't even been on the computer much.

But, alas...

enjoy smiling upon these...

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Bili Update

I took Evan to the County Hospital lab on Saturday morning for labwork to check his bilirubin levels. The poor lab tech cringed when I came walking in with such a little one. He said he hated sticking the little guys. Evan did great and bled like a champ (heal stick) and the tech said he'd stick him any day over most of the babies he has to run labs on. He was a really nice guy and gave me some good advice.

The point...

Evan had a couple of really big poops the night prior to this and between those and the bili lights his level dropped significantly. The pediatrician called late in the afternoon and said we could take him out of the lights. He didn't need them anymore as long as he continued to eat well and have regular bowel movements.

He has been doing quite well since.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Whew! 2 kids is definitely different than just 1. Today was the first day I've had both the boys all day long all by myself. It wasn't in the original "plans" but plans seem to change quickly. We've been staying with my mom this week which has been a huge blessing. She can help with Ryan and, as a bonus, she gets to be with her newest grandbaby. Today's original plan of staying with Nana changed as a result of yesterday.

Yesterday Evan had his first check-up with the pediatrician, Dr. O. Dr. O and I go back to the days of Brandy, but because of insurance issues we went without her during Ryan's infancy. However, recently we switched doctors and now we are blessed she is taking care of both of the boys. She was so excited about Evan! She did all the regular checks and said he is a healthy and strong little boy. All things are where they should be, working like they're supposed to, and everything checks out just fine. The only *issue* that, unfortunately, reared its ugly head was jaundice. We started noticing a hint of yellow while we were in the hospital awaiting discharge. At that time Dr. K (the pediatrician caring for Evan while at the hospital) checked his bilirubin level and found it to be a tad bit elevated. Dr. O checked it yesterday and called us with the results last night. It was too high and phototherapy would be needed for a few days.

Basically here's the scoop...bilirubin is the result of the normal breakdown of red blood cells. The liver processes it and it's all excreted in poop. Evan hasn't been pooping quite as regularly as needed to excrete all the bilirubin. This has been because for the first 3 or 4 days of his life his nutritional intake was minimal since my milk didn't come in until day 4. This is, again, another normal thing although it doesn't make me feel any better about the whole situation. Everything is now working on my end of the deal and he is getting plenty of good nutrition. Now it's just a matter of him pooping more, so pray for poop! He should start pooping VERY regularly before too long. (You know what I'm talking about if you've ever had a breastfed baby.)

I'm doing well. For having just had a c-section I'm feeling great and have had minimal pain. I'm still taking a maintenance dose of pain meds and anti-inflammatories to keep from having pain and I'll keep up that routine at least until the end of the weekend. Like I said, my milk just came in. Thankfully once it came! I really have no worries at this point that Evan isn't getting enough. Hormones are changing and I've gone from weepy and crying at silly little things to biting your head off in an instant. Most of the tears have been related to worries about breastfeeding issues (something very new to me) and feeling overwhelmed with everything. As far as the other...those feelings are mostly related to frustrations that things aren't going quite like I want them to go. I'm up and around more, but I'm taking it slow. My feet still look like elephant feet and the fluid built up in my ears is driving me crazy (everything sounds odd and simple sounds like fans running or music playing are nothing but roaring). I'll be glad when my body decides to get rid of all this excess fluid.Home-coming day.

Ryan is doing well. Some days he's great and others are a different story. He has been very clingy to me and has shown great concern that I'm leaving again to go to the hospital. I told him the other day that we wouldn't go back to the hospital except to visit our friends. He reminds me of that often. He has been pushing buttons and stretching the limits like crazy. It's so overwhelming at times. My mom reassured me that he was just testing me to see if I still have *enough* for him...enough time, enough love, enough attention. He's also testing to see if I can hold it all together and maintain my status as mom, caregiver, fixer, cartoon-watcher, and boundary-setter. I'll be glad when all of his tests are over. I hope I pass. I don't even want to know the consequences of a failing grade on any of his tests. Ryan loves his little brother and wants to be near him often. He thinks it's hilarious when Evan cries and he has recently started to *compete* with the noises Evan makes. Today when Evan was crying Ryan tried to soothe him by sharing one of his toys. It was pretty sweet.

Evan is doing well. I'll be glad when the jaundice is gone so we can get back to normal. Our normal includes a lot of snuggle time and even a few hours of midnight kangarooing. He has been eating every hour or 2 around the clock sometimes giving me a 3 or 4 hour stretch. Thankfully at the end of my pregnancy I was so uncomfortable because of the bedrest I wasn't sleeping well at all and was up at least once an hour so Evan's needy schedule hasn't been that difficult for me. I admit I'm tired and I have trouble staying awake during some of our midnight feedings, but it could be worse. He has been breastfeeding well although he decided to abandon one side for a day or two. Thankfully through pumping and diligently working with him my supply on that side has increased and he has started latching on to the left side once again. He won't ever start on that side though. No one warned me just how painful breastfeeding can be but I think we're just about over that least I hope so. At his doctor's appointment yesterday he weighed 6 pounds which the doctor said is normal. She wants him back up to his birthweight by next Thursday. If he keeps eating well he shouldn't have a problem with that. He's in the 10% for weight, 5% for height and 25% for head circumference.

Now just for laughs...because I know you is my story of comic relief (although it wasn't very funny at the time).
The doctor's office called this morning around 0830 saying that all the paperwork had been faxed and we should be contacted by the home-health company soon and the bili lights would be delivered this morning. We waited and waited and waited. Finally at 11:00 the tech called and said he was on his way with the equipment. Okay! Ryan, Evan and I went outside on the front porch to wait for the guy. We played and played and played. guy. At 12:30 I decided it was time to go inside and get some lunch and start thinking about nap time. Ryan wanted a peanut-butter-jelly sandwich. I decided to let him make it (that's something he and I do as a treat). I set him up with a piece of bread and the half-empty jar of peanut butter and the jar of jelly with 2 or 3 spoonfuls of jelly left at the bottom and he proceeded to make his sandwich. He's done it several times and actually does a pretty good job. Well...Evan started crying and wanted to eat too, so I thought it a good idea to feed him too especially since some stranger was coming to the house and I sure didn't want to be a bit exposed in front of him. Since I'm new to this breastfeeding thing and all I haven't mastered the art of walking around while Evan eats nor am I very good at keeping a blanket over the whole ordeal either. It's not like I really need one around the house anyway. I took Evan into the living room and began feeding him, asking Ryan from time to time how he was doing and if he needed help and how was his sandwich, etc., etc., etc. After a few minutes of ominous silence I decided to check on one and burp the other. What I found on the other side of the fireplace was quite a shock.
Peanut butter was everywhere. He was painting with it! In his hair. On his face. Covering each leg. Dripping from each arm. So now I'm thinking, "what do I do?" This was funny. This was creative (something I love). This was challenging. This was very messy. This was my fault and I most definitely couldn't be mad.

So what did I do...I answered the phone. It was the home-health company saying they thought they were here and sure enough their medically decal-ed van was sitting out front. Oh dear. I escorted the man in with all his equipment explaining I was a little frazzled and after seeing Ryan he laughed and understood. I threatened Ryan to stay in his chair at the island. He thought it was funny to try to get down but he actually stayed while I commenced with the paperwork and receiving of instructions for Evan's new home. The man left. Evan, now screaming, was reminding me he hadn't finished his meal. I called Daddy begging for help. He was too busy. I escorted Ryan to the bathroom. Stripped him. Ran water in the tub. Added some bubbles. And let him splash around. Evan and I sat on the stool finishing up his meal watching the splashing take place for awhile until it was obvious a little assistance was needed, so I took my free hand and wiped off Ryan's peanut-butter painted body. Bath time ended after a cup of water was thrown onto the floor. I clothed my toddler. Burped my baby. And...Nap time!!! Ahhh...