Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

Today has most definitely been a Monday...a Monday on which I'm so glad to see the sun setting. Let's started with a rough nights sleep because of allergies.  I'm highly allergic to ragweed and, of course, it has been in the high category over the last few days.  Needless to say...yesterday I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed, and today I've sneezed and sneezed and sneezed.  Even to the point of being highly aware of certain maybe I should have emptied my bladder five minutes ago.  

I don't even remember the series of events, but here are the highlights making my Monday a MONDAY:

  • After being outside for nearly an hour my puppy came inside and promptly squatted on the floor.  Are you kidding me?!
  • Having passed punishment to puppy, as I was cleaning up the mess Ryan was making another one with his milk.  He had the sippy cup nipple (soft silicone) pressed against the recliner spraying milk all over the seat
  • While cleaning the couch the vacuum scared my puppy who promptly ran to Ryan's room and squatted on the bed.  UGH!  If there is anything I can't tolerate it's animals peeing on the bed.  I absolutely laid into my poor puppy.  Now don't get me wrong...I didn't hit her, but I sure hope none of the neighbors were outside and could hear the screaming coming through our open windows.  And...I'm not even a screamer!  Something just snapped.  My poor puppy has been rather skiddish since then.
  • While cleaning up the mess I was standing on the platform of Ryan's bed (the mattress was on the floor) and it broke!  Not only was I upset that the bed broke, but more importantly that I was heavy (fat) enough to cause it to do so!  Once again...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
  • Ryan had a complete meltdown when Nana and Papa came over and left without him
  • While scooping the meat out of my beautiful, cooked squash I also dug out an ugly, cooked worm!  Appetite lost.
  • This evening I was processing the jalapenos (cutting out the ribs and seeds) and kept telling Ryan to stay far away because it was "very, very hot".  He minded well however somehow he still ended up getting a seed in his mouth which created another, albeit much different, meltdown.  What's worse...I couldn't help him because my hands were completely immersed in jalapeno seeds, ribs and oils.

On a happy is what I have to be thankful for:

  • The couch finally smells nice.  It had really started to stink.  Ryan enjoyed helping with that project.  He got to "paint" the bubbles on the couch.
  • The house did get cleaned a little
  • My puppy still loves me
  • Nana and Papa brought two really big boxes over (for moving purposes) that Ryan has built a fort and is enjoying this "new" toy
  • After spending nearly 30 minutes wiping his tongue, drinking cold milk and eating frozen yogurt to get rid of the hot Ryan finally got rid of the hot.  Then he took his plates, bowls and cups around the house telling everyone that it was "berry, berry, berry hot". Whatever he was serving, it was very, very hot.  Too cute!
  • Taking 1/2 a benadryl was enough to take away the tickles in my nose but not so much to knock me out.
  • The weather was gorgeous!  If we could have weather just like today from now until Halloween that would be wonderful...amazing...AWESOME!  After that it can cool off even more.  Did I mention I loved the weather today?

So therefore...

  • The kitchen still looks like a tornado has gone through it as it often does after dinner and it will remain that way 'til tomorrow
  • The pile of laundry that I intended to fold and put away this evening will still be a pile of laundry until tomorrow
  • The fort is still assembled in the living room and will remain as such until further notice
  • I took a whole benadryl and if doesn't start to kick in I might just take another one.  That ought to do it.  I'll be sleeping good tonight.  (FYI--diphenhydramine is what is added to Tylenol PM and other such medications.  Diphenhydramine is benadryl.)
  • Here is a really cute picture of my little PRINCE after he picked a flower for his Mommy because he's just sweet like that!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Today was such a wonderful day.   It started with breakfast at the local cafe...something we never do.  After breakfast we went to the park and played for a little while...

We ALL played a little!

Where's Waldo?  Can you find Waldo?
Did you see him...huh?...huh?...huh?

This is Ryan's "thinking face".  In other words...his "what can I get into now" face.

Yep!  There it is again.

Ryan picked his Momma some flowers.  Isn't he so sweet?
After our adventures at the park we drove around town , found a garage sale, and visited with some old friends.  Then we decided to drive out to the new house to look around a little.  Ryan loves to go out to the new house.  He always says excitedly, "new house?!".  We looked things over a little while, but Ryan ended up walking through some stickers , and they lodged themselves in his shoes, socks and even a couple in his legs.  That ended his interest in the new house.
We left , but on the way back to town we stopped at Nana's house.  Ryan and I stayed and visited for a bit.  We also went out to the garden and picked these...

Jalapeno peppers!  Ryan loves to go to "Nana's gawden".  He helped pick the peppers too...and the green tomatoes...and the grass...and...and...and.  We picked a 1/2 bushel of jalapeno peppers.  Most of them I will process and freeze to use to make jalapeno jelly at a later time.  Ever tried jalapeno jelly?  It's great.  You really should try it sometime.  
This evening we played outside and cooked on the grill.  We grilled steak, mushrooms and even some of those jalapenos (stuffed with cheese of course).  
It sure was a good day.  The weather has been wonderful...another fall teaser.  
Ryan is doing well.  Actually...he isn't feeling his best.  He has a runny nose, and he's a little irritable, but he just had two immunizations yesterday...MMR and HepA.  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today we had a playdate with Connor and Macy (and their mom Janelle). I enjoyed the adult conversation as well as watching these 3 little 2-year-old cuties play. I wish we could do this more often.

Ryan and Macy



Ryan playing with the cars.  He was a little slow to warm up to the idea of playing with anyone, but within an hour or so he was playing right along with Connor and Macy.  The threesome were quite a fun bunch to watch.

Connor and Macy, 'Relaxing'

Somehow Connor and Macy got the short end of the stick in this deal.  How did Ryan manage to get all the rides?!

We can call just them..."The Three Stooges", or "The Three Musketeers", or how about just "Three Adorable 2-year-old Cuties"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


If you need a recommendation for a good book, Ryan has one...

P.S.  This is an old picture...but...I bought a new camera (Kodak EasyShare) today.  I didn't realize how much I used my little bitty camera (Sony Cybershot), but I have been lost without it. I was used to having a camera with me everywhere I go, so I broke down and bought a new little bitty camera so I can always have one in hand...or in pocket...or purse.  The batteries are charging, and tomorrow I should have lots of new pictures to upload since we have a playdate scheduled with Connor and Macy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

For the Birds

Today was a day for the birds amphibians.  We went out to the new house for a little while and Daddy caught Ryan a frog.  It was pretty funny watching Daddy try to catch the hoppy thing.  Frogs jump far... and fast.  Once caught, however, the frog "played dead" and we got a really good look at the little guy.  He was very grateful when we carefully placed him back in the cool dirt behind a bush.  Off he went!

This evening I found a really big toad in the backyard.  I brought it inside and Ryan and I once again studied an amphibian friend.  This time, however, our toady friend put on a show.  He hopped around the house.  Ryan is so funny.  He is fearless with almost everything, but when we bring a toad inside he gets real quiet and cautious.  

He did give the toad some "lovin's", though.  Isn't he sweet?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy and Sad

Tonight I am super happy that I am officially on VACATION!  No...we're not going anywhere.  We're just planning to spend the week doing a little of this and little of plans.  We might got to the zoo.  We might go see some friends.  We might go to Roman Nose State Park.  It's just pretty much what we feel like doing.

I'm sad that I can't find my camera.

I'm happy that I've been able to sort through and box up a lot of stuff.  I've been going from room to room, sorting through closets, under beds, and everywhere else.  I've gotten rid of a ton of trash, pulled out lots of items for our upcoming garage sale, and boxed up everything we don't use regularly.  It's just to simplify moving.  I'm not boxing everything up...just those things we don't really need yet don't want to discard.

I'm sad that I can't find my camera.

I'm super happy that I have such a wonderful 2 1/2 year-old little boy.  He's great!  His language just keeps exploding.  Today he took me to his room and told me he was "goin' under".  He loves to pull the drawers out of the bed and go under it.  This evening as we were walking home he noticed the street lights.  Each light we passed he told me it was "light on" or "light broke".

I'm sad that my camera is missing...oh...I think I already mentioned that.

I'm happy that I'm officially on vacation...oh...I mentioned that too!

I'm happy that the weather has been beautiful today...almost like fall.  Could we actually be blessed with an early (and extended) fall?  Oh that would be nice.  This evening Ryan, Myndi and I went to the park.  We enjoyed it immensely.  We put Myndi on a very long leash and let her run. She chased Ryan everywhere and Ryan loved every minute of it.  It's been a while since we've been to the park, and this time I noticed that Ryan is much more sure of himself.  He climbed everything possible without hesitating.  He's growing up so fast.   I took lots and lots of pictures while we were at the park and was planning a great blog post all the way home, but...

As I've said before...I'm sad to say my camera is missing.  I have no idea what happened to it.  I had it at the park...and's gone.  I don't know if I'm just too stupid to figure out where I put it (you of those mindless mistakes), if it fell out of the stroller while we were walking home (not likely since it would have fallen right in front of my feet), or if someone helped themselves to it while I wasn't looking (very possible).  I'm sad that I lost the camera...yes, but I'm most sad that I lost all the pictures I took today.

I'm happy that I have 9 whole days to spend without answering the work phone!

I'm happy to reminisce.  Look at my boy grow...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Broke sweN News

Broke...broke...broke...everything's broke (yes I know that's incorrect grammar).
These days Ryan has an...well let's say...understanding about how things are *supposed* to be.  That being the case when things aren't as they should the natural conclusion is that they are...(logically)...BROKE! Oh the logic of a 2-year-old.  So fun.  For example:

The trash can is *supposed* to be right-side-up, but in this instance the clumsy (oh I shouldn't say that...afterall accidents do happen) trashman set the trashcan down in a non-upright position after emptying its smelly contents.  Yes...our trashcan stinks.  Two-year-old poop...oh nevermind....  


Since the trashcan is not right-side-up it's broke, and believe me, we heard about it all morning until Daddy uprighted it on his way to work.  "Trash broke."

Other things that have been broke around our house:

  • my work blinks when there is a message waiting, but since it usually isn't blinking it's broke.  "Momma phone broke"
  • the door that is usually closed but remained opened most of the day was broke.  "Door broke"
  • Ryan's car that is *supposed* to stay on the couch, but rolled off when pushed too close to the edge is broke.  "Oh No!  Car broke."
  • Anything that is out of place (which feels like most of my house right now) is broke.

In other news...

Before we move to our new house I thought it might be nice to just forego the hassle of setting up the crib, but in order to do so Ryan needs to be in his big-boy bed (twin bed).  SoonerStart (EI) suggested that Ryan would transition much better if he is already accustomed to his big-boy bed before we move because being in a new house, new room and new bed all at once would be way too much NEWNESS for his sweet little self and might bring on a strong case of overstimulation. That sounded pretty reasonable, so I decided to start transitioning (weaning) him from his crib to the big-boy bed.  Ryan picked out new covers for his bed:

Cars are definitely his thing right now.  He's never seen the movie CARS, but he loves cars of all shapes and sizes.  When he saw a picture of a car on the front of the package of this comforter his eyes lit up and all I heard was, "Momma!  Cars!", "Cars! Momma!".  His enthusiasm didn't wane while we re-made the bed with his new cars sheet and comforter.  His excitement only grew.  In fact I had to put him in the crib so I could actually get the bed made.  His excitement vanished when it came to actually sleeping on the bed all by himself though.  He did great as long as I sat on the end of the bed, but he  wouldn't go to sleep.  So much for a quick transition.  We can still work on it afterall we won't be moving for a few months, or... I can put up the crib again which...really wouldn't be such a bad thing (confinement!...I can't believe he's never tried to climb out!)

This past weekend we had a great time with Gammaw and Pappaw.  It was a fantastic weekend full of fun things like...

eating watermelon!!!

Today we started sorting through stuff.  It's time...after nearly 12 years of marriage, 2 kids, and 8 years in this do a 3-box sorting session of the entire house.  You know...3 boxes:  (1)Keep, (2)Trash, (3)Sale/Donate...sorting through every cabinet, closet, and crevice.  Ryan likes the boxes most of all.  I'm excited about the gives me something to do while we wait on the final details to be worked out with the new house.  

That's pretty much it with the Stanfill family recent news.  This week has an open schedule.  We have nothing going on until Friday evening.  I was invited to a home-schooling get-together, and since we're considering that option I'll probably go.  

Friday, August 14, 2009


Or..."Paintin'" as Ryan calls it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Forget

Don't forget to watch my left sidebar to see when I update our new blog:

Home Sweet Home

I updated last night with some wild and crazy details.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Indoor Lawn Chair Chillin'

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Gone...Not Forgotten

I promise I'm not gone and I haven't forgotten the blog.  I'm trying to get things ready for a consignment sale, but it's taking a bit more time than planned due to some unforseen complications (eg. a broken washing machine).  Ugh.  

I'll be back soon!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Last weekend we spent Sunday with Mimi, Grampie, Moo, Jennifer, Madison, and Wade.  It was a great day and a much-needed break from the craziness around our house.  We played outside, ate burgers off the grill, and shared stories and pictures.  

Mimi and Grampie have pretty flowers...

An ENORMOUS cat, who by the way put an old-fashioned whoopin' on our sweet Myndi...

And pigeons...

Ryan really enjoyed helping Grampie give the pigeons some water to swim in.


Ryan is doing very well.  He has had what I call *another* language explosion.  I'm amazed at what the boy comes up with.  Just this evening we were sitting in a restaurant when a low flying airplane zipped by.  Ryan saw it and said, "airplane".  Now to most of you that's no big deal, but we don't have airplanes around our area (other than the really high jets flying overhead).  There has only been one other time that we've talked about an airplane when one was visible.  Now he either recalled it from that conversation or he picked it up from something on TV (we watch Sesame Street, Praise Baby and Baby Einstein).  I was a bit shocked when he pointed at it, recognized it and labeled it.  WooHoo!  

Here's more...

Tonight we were reading the book "Old Hat, New Hat" (Dr. Seuss book).  After Daddy read it, Ryan stood at the couch "reading" the book himself.  The book is about new hats that are too big, too small, too loose, too tight, too silly, etc...  Ryan turned each page and said, "too big" and "too *something*" and talked about the hats.  

Ryan has recently learned how to say Myndi's name..."Minmi".  He often can be heard saying..."No! No! Minmi"

For some reason Ryan thinks his Momma is silly because I get told "Silly Momma" several times an hour!

Ryan has also become quite a little parrot.  If it comes out of your mouth it will probably come out of his too.  The days of watching uncensored (not that I watch bad stuff) televsion are over. No more adult shows while Ryan's awake...only kid-friendly stuff!

Peepee is a word that's thrown around alot in this house for two reasons...I want Ryan to start potty training ASAP and Myndi needs to learn about pottying in appropriate places.  So...Ryan has started showing some understanding (woohoo...time for some potty training) of what peepee is and now points at any a bathroom or not...and says "peepee".  However...(Mommy lesson number...ummm, lost count)... I really shouldn't announce when I need to go potty.  A day or so ago Ryan and I went to Lowes.  As soon as we entered the door I quietly told Ryan that Momma needed to go potty.  Ryan, rather loudly, said "Momma Peepee!" all the way from the the back.  

Poopy is another word of the day, but he hasn't quite got the meaning of that one for everytime he toots he says, "uh, oh poopy".  Goofy kid.

I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them now.  Rest assured...I'll share them when I remember them.


Things are finally rolling on the house, so Wade suggested I start a new blog just about the house since this isn't just a simple find a it...and move in deal.  There's a lot more to it, and we want everyone to join us on this new adventure.  So hop on over to:

Making Our Home Sweet Home

We will be sharing the story of our new home...from start to finish...on this new blog.  Join us in yet another one of God's great blessings.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Diapers In Tubs

This is somewhat old news, but I forgot to blog about it earlier.

The other night I gave Ryan a bath afterwhich I bundled him in a towel, dried him off, and diapered him. I hadn't put on his pajamas yet, but that was next in line. He had other ideas. sweet little angel...Momma's good little boy...took off running and plunged into the bathtub.

I took him out, dried him off, changed his diaper and before I knew it he took off running and guessed it...once *again* plunged into the bathtub.

Three diapers, a closed bathroom door, and a pair of clean pajamas and finally my sweet, innocent little boy was ready for bed. Man was I ready!

Never a dull moment...never a dull moment.


Things are going well with the house.  Today I signed all of the loan paperwork and called the utility companies (some for the second time this week!).  The loan stuff is rolling and we should be locked in at a 5.62% interest which is great...our monthly payments (for the few months while we are waiting on the sale of this house) will be less than what we were initially quoted which is a blessing.  Tomorrow I have to call the utility companies (some for the 3rd time this week!) to see about getting all the utilities temporarily turned on by next Tuesday so we can have a thorough inspection done on the house. After I get those things lined out we should just be in a waiting game...nothing left to do, but wait until all the details of the loan and contract get worked out.  Our tentative closing date has been moved from Sept 19 to Sept 17, but there's a chance we might get to close a week or so earlier than that.  That would be really cool!  I'm just ready to be through with all this paperwork and political stuff and playing phone tag with various companies and get in there and do some work! Since I can't really do any work yet I've been scouting out for the best deals on some of the things I know we'll need like flooring.  Not that I'm looking forward to shelling out the $$, but I'm looking forward to the day when I can actually buy some of the things I've been finding good deals on.  It will will come.

Monday, August 3, 2009