Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I was blessed with an extra couple days off over the July 4th Holiday weekend. We made it a mini-vacation weekend. On Friday we went out for breakfast...

Followed by a few hours at the Omniplex...

We came home and spent a few afternoon hours resting and relaxing before we went to a party!
Cousin Addy was turning 2!
Saturday we didn't do much but we spent a lot of time together. Without that stinkin' phone. My job isn't particularly stressful and I'm extremely blessed to work from home and be an ever-present part of my kids' lives and I have liberties that many people don't because I can work from my cell just about anywhere. However, I'm amazed at how completely relaxed I am when I'm not "on the job". I am, like every other working person, different on the job and off. I guess you can consider it like this...I work 2 jobs. I'm a full time dispatcher/secretary AND I run a full-time daycare! Taking a few days off one of those jobs is pretty nice. I don't know what I'd do if I had a few days off of both of those jobs at the same time! Taking time off from the kids isn't high on my priority list. I love my boys! (I would like to have a few hours just to myself though...without them being the late night hours when I'm super sleepy.)
Sunday we went to church and had a regular Sunday.

Monday was Independence day and we enjoyed a cookout at Uncle Paul's for lunch and fireworks in the park at dark!

Evan learned to climb over my long weekend.
Tuesday was my final day off and we spent the day with Nana at Pelican Bay in Edmond...

Followed by a great dinner at SouperSalad. And, of course, ice cream to top it all off!

It was a great mini-vacation. I can't wait for more time off this fall!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Puddle Jumping

We got to do a little bit of puddle jumping last week and as many of you know this is a BIG deal here in Oklahoma since we've had over 20 days this summer of temps over 100 and virtually NO rain.

Our puddles were very short lived and the heat is back with a vengeance but we had fun while it lasted!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


We had a birthday around here the other day.
A first birthday!!! And first birthdays are a BIG deal around here.

Evan turned ONE on June 26th. I just can't believe he's already one!

For Evan's first birthday we, like with all our other kiddos, spent a great deal of time planning and scheming for making his first birthday a great big and fun celebration. We decided on a beach party!

Our plans got changed a little on the day of the party. The public pool we were renting had a major malfunction the night before and over half the pool drained. We were told the pool would be filled in time for the party, but we decided to move our party to the house (since the idea of swimming in cold water wasn't too appealing). We didn't mind too much though. The temps that day were over a hundred and very windy. No ONE nor THING was going to spoil our fun for the day! We still had a beach party...just without the water. And the heat.
The birthday boy had a great day! Here he is with his new car...
Of course one of the highlights of a first birthday party is watching the "birthday boy" dive in to his first cake. He was a little shy at first but he got the hang of it pretty quickly...
Oh...and presents! He got the hang of that too! He got some great things! Sticks, balls, push toys, banging toys, clothes. He even got his very own stick horse.
And he got a new water table to enjoy with his big brother.
Mister Cheese...We had a great time! We were surrounded by some of the most wonderful people we know. Nana (my mom), Papa (Nana's friend), Uncle David, Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Lucas (my brother and family), Great Uncle David (my uncle) and his friend Cindy, Aunt Lizzy (my sister), Uncle Tobin, Aunt Shelly and Cousin Addy (my brother and his family), Papa Yogi and Grandma Sue (my dad and his wife), and Uncle Paul (Wade's brother). We had several friends planning to attend but we canceled on them when the pool broke. Thank you to everyone who made my little boy's most special birthday a MOST SPECIAL DAY!


  • Evan has a head circumference at 90%, a height at 50% and a weight at 25%. I can't remember the exact numbers and I'm too tired to try to find that paper.
  • He started walking completely unassisted about 1 or 2 weeks before his first birthday.
  • He now (2 weeks later) is climbing and practically running. He loves to play chase.
  • He loves animals and squeals with delight at all kinds.
  • He loves MUD!
  • He loves outside and a foul mood can be turned around instantly by going outside with him.
  • He is still eating well and eats only table food. He has, however, started showing some pickiness. The doctor said that's normal and will last until he's 5 or 6.
  • He LOVES his brother, Mamma and Dadda and Nana.
  • He's somewhat delayed in speech, but nothing we're concerned about.
  • He says mamma, dadda, ca for cat, do for dog, and ba for ball. He once said di for drink.
  • He is a mama's boy...and that's okay!
  • Stranger anxiety...oh yes.
  • He loves fruit.
  • He picks on his brother but he would much rather play with him if Ryan would allow.
  • He competes with Ryan.
  • He ducks and squats down when Ryan comes running because he knows he's about to be knocked down.
  • He has 7 or 8 teeth now.
  • He sometimes pats me.
  • He occasionally gives kisses.
  • He loves to clap and he knows that with "Yay!" clapping goes with it.
  • He's super sweet.
  • And so very very much more...

Sunday, July 3, 2011


"I want in!"
"Come on...in!"
I'm going IN!"