Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrapping It Up

Here's a few of Evan wrapping Christmas presents with me. I hope it brings you a great big smile to wrap up the year 2011.

Good-bye 2011!  Hello 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Cookies

(I'm playing a little blogging catch-up tonight).

The kids and I made cookies the other day. Well, actually, it started as just a Ryan and I kind of project. I figured Ryan, being older, would understand and enjoy cookie making whereas Evan, being much younger, would only be interested in eating the cookies.

Ryan enjoyed making cookies.

He really enjoyed the eating of the dough.

The bell shape was his favorite.

Oh, but the tedious work of making cookies was short lived.  Soon our flour covered table and tools and our sugary sweet dough were entered in a captivating episode of catapulting fun.
Ryan enjoyed the decorating of the cookies the following day.  He decorated several.  I don't recall what his favorite shape for decorating was but I can assure you his favorite icing to use was the reddish-pink color of deliciousness.  He decorated 6 or 7 and promptly ran off to the living room to enjoy his treats.  His decorated cookies were his cookies.  After all the cookies were decorated (and all his cookies were gone) he always wanted a candy-cane to eat because of its "bumpy road frosting" (red and white stripes) or a Christmas tree because it had lots of colors.

We did most of our cookie making and decorating while Evan was napping.  After Evan's nap one day he came to the table and found the bowl of icing.  He actually tried to decorate a few of the remnant cookie pieces laying on the table.  But...he soon discovered that eating the icing was way more fun and especially more tasty!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Here it is...Christmas pictures! Let the story be told...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Omniplex Outing

The other day the boys and I took an impromptu trip to the Omniplex. The day was in need of some serious help and the boys and I just had to get away.  It was the most PERFECT day to go to the Omniplex.  It was this past Tuesday and I guess everyone else that could have been at the museum was out doing Christmas stuff.  There was no one there!  The place was essentially empty.  Just a few kids here and there in each area.  The kids of course loved the "kid area" but they also loved the *new* construction area.  Unfortunately we didn't discover it until the end of our outing.  Next time I think we'll go there first.  They had scaffolding, and conveyor belts and dog houses and "painting" and blocks and "gardens".  It was great!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Night

The kids and I have been having so much fun lately that I am way, waaay behind on picture and story posting.  Last night the kids and I went with Nana first to Miss Sherry's house.  We fed her horses some carrots.  

We saw some cows too.  It was lots of fun being at Miss Sherry's house.  She said we could come back.  I think we will
After our farm exploits we went to Oklahoma City for a little Christmas fun.  We started by going to the mall.  The mall had lights hanging everywhere and all of the lights twinkled in rhythm with the music.  It was neat and Evan was just enthralled with the whole thing.  Ryan really enjoyed it too.  Of course Santa and his magical display were there too, but for some reason I didn't take a picture.  We didn't visit Santa last night.  The kids weren't up to it and the line was too long.
After the mall we went to PetSmart.  Ryan picked out a grand amount of goodies for his two spoiled amazing little kitties for Christmas.  Sammy and Sally each got a new bed...something they've never had...and basket full of toys and balls and such.
After PetSmart we drove around Chesapeake and through Nichols Hills to look at the Christmas lights.  The kids enjoyed it, but we lost them to slumber around 7:30 which is their normal bedtime.  Nana and I sure did enjoy driving around, visiting and reminiscing.  Ahhh...great memories!