Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We spent the day yesterday in the waiting room waiting for Ryan's Grampie to undergo a heart procedure. Ryan was such a GOOD BOY! He is an amazing little trooper even in circumstances not so favorable to a 2-year-old. He didn't scream. He didn't cry. He just ran, ran, ran everywhere. I bet we ran through every hall in that hospital (other than the halls with patient rooms). He was exhausted when we got home and slept from 8p-9a. I'm so proud of him.

Ryan and Mimi just waiting and playing with a balloon.

While Ryan took a short little cat-nap in his stroller I was able to almost complete another preemie doll. I'm giving this one to our local March of Dimes office so they can use it for demonstration purposes. This one represents the size Ryan was when he was born.

Ryan has a great new interest in babies...all babies (real or fake). I just wish we could get pregnant so he could experience a new baby brother or baby sister.

For details on Grampie please visit AJ, Me, and Company. Things didn't quite go as planned or expected, but there is still more that can be done. God is still good. He is still the Great Healer.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Licking Glass

Friday and Saturday were bitterly cold days. Well...I use the word bitterly loosely. For spring and the END OF MARCH it was bitterly cold. It's spring and we're having snow here in Oklahoma. Anyway...it was rather cold on Friday and Saturday. Too cold to play outside so Ryan just spent the day licking the water off the glass. Hmmmm.The weathermen were predicting a blizzard. We were in a blizzard warning in north-central Oklahoma with the forecast for 4-9 inches to blanket our green grass. Ummmm. We didn't receive near that much. It was barely enough to make a snowball. My opinion....if we have to have cold wintry weather in spring it better be worth it. I'm terribly disappointed that we didn't get our blizzard!

Don't forget! It's Oklahoma weather I'm talking about. Today's high: 67!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Then and Now

It's been a while since I've done a comparison, so here goes....

March 2007

March 2008

March 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Owies and Sickies

Ryan got his first "knee-scraping owie" while were in Texas. He took off running and landed face down on the asphalt. His knees have matching owies. After his injuries were washed and bandaged he went around telling everyone he had an "oowwieee". It was cute.

Argh...the dilemma of being a preemie...Ryan is sick again.

Here he is showing me the Vick's Vapor Rub.

Texas Trip

This past weekend we went to Texas for a much needed relaxing mini-vacation. Here are some pictures. We didn't do anything loud and exciting (or expensive) we just did what I find to be some of the most enjoyable activities. We lounged around the house, fed some ducks, walked in the park, and enjoyed the company of family.

Monday, March 23, 2009


(New Favorite Picture)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I thought Ryan looked like such a big boy when he grabbed his bowl from me and decided to sit in the recliner to eat...just like his daddy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Even cute little boys need a little chapstick from time to time.

Especially on his little chinny chin chin...

This was taken a few days ago when we took Nana to the doctor. I'm playing a little catch up with some recent pictures. Today was actually a beautiful day with highs in the 80's. We spent a big part of the day outside in shorts and t-shirts. We even went to the park and fed some geese today.

If I were to title this next segment I'd title it "Lauging Out Loud". Have you ever had one of those days where everything went so wrong that it became comical? You spend the day wandering what could be next?

My morning started out that way. First let me back up to yesterday. Yesterday I made some arrangements with a friend to spend some time at her house letting our kids play. Late yesterday evening she canceled. I was pretty disappointed and a little irritated.

Now I don't generally talk about work on the blog. I like to keep work-life and home-life as separate as possible, but.... Last week a lady called to schedule an appointment for today. She said she didn't want the 8 o'clock appt., but later changed her mind, so I placed the number 8 beside her name to remind me that she wanted the 8 slot. Yesterday a lady called and scheduled for today. I scheduled her for 8:00 too. Oops! I didn't even realize the mistake until about 8:30...I sent my plumber to the original 8:00 customer. At 8:30 the 2nd 8:00 customer called wondering where in the world the plumber is. Ummmm. I explained the situation, apologized profusely, and hoped for her forgiveness. It didn't happen. She didn't have one forgiving bone in her body. I called my plumber asked when he thought he could be at this lady's house and explained my mistake. He said probably an hour to an hour and a half. I called her back. She was still just as unpleasant. I apologized again. She could have cared less about me or my apologies and told me to call her as soon as possible if he wasn't going to be able to be at her house by 10. Okay. My plumber called me at 9 and explained that he wasn't going to be finished with the original 8:00 job for at least another hour. I called customer #2 with the information. She canceled for the day, but surprisingly rescheduled for tomorrow morning. I promised her that her name was written in bold with stars and astricks to make sure the plumber is at her house by 8 a.m. Okay...end of that drama. Now mistakes and I don't get along well at all. I'm a type A person with a compulsion for perfection (in myself...others aren't expected to be perfect). This *mistake* sets my mood for the morning. Oh...and by the way...my plumber didn't finish with his original 8:00 call until 11:30.

We're planning a family trip this weekend. I desperately need a good get-away. I wish it was longer than just a weekend, but I'm thankful for what I can get. I hate to leave the house in disrepair, so Ryan and I decided to clean house. We vacuumed, swept and mopped the floors.

Ryan took a nap and when he woke up he wanted some crackers. Little did I know that his objective for getting a handful of fishy crackers was to crush them all over my vacuumed carpet. Ummm, can you say, motivation to get one of those quick little vacuums for picking up small jobs (I bought one today).

Lunch... I decided to fix myself a hot ham and cheese on rye sandwich with an apple on the side for Ryan and I to share. We've been experiencing some MAJOR eating struggles with Ryan lately. I'm about to reach my wits end. He just won't eat anything! He might take a few bites, but after 2 or 3 he spits it out and tells me "no". That's if he'll eat anything to begin with. I used to have a handful of "always" foods...those foods he'd always eat. Not anymore. I'm desperately searching for 2 or 3 good new "always" foods to have on hand, so that if he refuses everything at breakfast/lunch/dinner I can at least have something he will eat.

I got off on a tangent, but returning to the day.... I fixed myself a sandwich, and Ryan a plate with some ham and some navy beans and some peas-and-carrots. Meanwhile, Ryan grabbed the bag of cheese off of the counter and promptly spilled a big handful of finely grated cheese into a basket of clean, wet laundry awaiting the drier. Cheese stinks, and how do you get it all off of wet clothes, so into the wash that load went for a second wash. Ryan then thought it was great to pretend to be a dog and *lick* up all the excess cheese off the floor. That was pretty funny. Of course all I can do by now is laugh at just about anything. Don't forget...we just mopped the floor an hour or so earlier. So much for cleaning house today.

Then...I clean up the counter and put the cheese away. Ryan disappears, but when I look up he is on the table with my mom's cell phone charger dipping it in the fruit dip I have for our apple. Oh my!

Oh...and by the way...Ryan didn't like anything I fixed for lunch for him. He ate a few bites of my sandwich and a couple of slices of apple (without the dip that I was sure he would find great fun...he wasn't even interested.)

You've got to be kidding me. Like I said...laughing out loud!

Compared to the morning, the afternoon was uneventful, but we had fun together at the park.

Monday, March 16, 2009

We Have Fun

We really do like to have fun. This is our first week in a long time that we haven't had a ton of stuff do, so we are planning to just enjoy the weather and enjoy life.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oklahoma Weather Comparison

Last Week...

This Week...

Easter Preview

This for all Ryan's grandmas...
He's going to be one dressed up little man!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


This week has been a busy week. That might have been noticeable seeing that I haven't posted since last Tuesday. That's 5 whole days. Oh my! The week started with our first March of Dimes speaking engagement on Monday. It was at a business in OKC. They were having their March for Babies Kick-Off event. They typically raise thousands of dollars. I wish them the best of luck. I hope they do well this year.

Tuesday didn't bring with it any preset plans however I've been spending every last moment of spare time trying to get things together for the March for Babies and March of Dimes events. I have to take things in spurts though. When Ryan is awake I really like to try to spend my time with him, and when he sleeps is when I try to do those *extra* things...*my* things. We usually do the house work together though...otherwise I wouldn't get anything at all done.
Swingset project...part 1. The fort is complete. The most important part is finished...the slide.

On Wednesday my mom, Ryan's Nana, had back surgery, so we spent the entire day at the hospital. I must commend my son. HE WAS FANTASTIC the entire day. I couldn't have asked for a better day from him...no whining, no crying...just playing and enjoying life, even at a hospital. Mom's surgery lasted about 3-4 hours. Everything went well. It was a very long day, and we were both exhausted when we finally came home that evening. When I put Ryan in bed that night I noticed he was a little warm. His temperature was 101.2. Ugh.

On Thursday Ryan woke up with a 103 temperature. He felt pretty crummy. I called the doctor. He had no other symptoms other than a fever...no coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Ryan had an ear infection in his right ear. The doctor prescribed antibiotics. Wade also had an appointment with the doctor. After our appointments we went to the hospital pharmacy to have the prescription filled and while at the hospital we decided to get some lunch in the cafeteria. We stopped to see Nana before we went back home. The rest of that day was spent caring for my sick little boy.
"Hold me, Mama. I don't feel good."

Friday the weather was way too pretty to spend the day inside, so what spare time I had I worked on the swingset. Ryan and I spent much of our time outside enjoying a beautiful spring-like days. I just wish they were here to stay. They're actually predicting a little snow on Wed/Thurs. It's just not right...shorts one day...sweaters and coats the next. Ryan still ran a fever much of the day and felt pretty rotten.

On Saturday Nana got to come home from the hospital, so that morning we went to get her and bring her home. We spent an hour waiting for her prescriptions to be filled at the pharmacy. Ryan still wasn't feeling very well and was still running a temperature of 100+ on Saturday, so much of the day was spent caring for him. He took an extra long nap which gave me some time to work on the swingset some more. I just hate staying inside when the weather is so beautiful. I know I have lots of things to do inside...like the piles and piles of laundry. :)

We finally finished the swingset project on Sunday afternoon. We were hoping to go to church that morning, but since Ryan was still with fever on Saturday, we decided it probably wasn't the best thing to expose all the other children at church. Ryan hasn't had a fever all day today though. Hopefully he is just about over this. He's kind of had a hard time with it. This is the first illness he has had a fever for more than just a few hours...much less 3 days! Overall, the day was pretty good. The weather was beautiful; we spent a lot of time outdoors as a family. We spent a few hours with Nana. It was all good.

For all you "City-Folk" I'd like to introduce to you the idea of "Country", and more specifically "Backwards Small Towns". While we were at Nana's house (she lives in city limits) today her neighbor's pig came over to visit. Ryan and I ran outside to pet this big pig. It was Ryan's first introduction to a pig this size, and since he has started really taking interest in what sounds different animals make I thought it was a great time to learn about pigs! Besides...I love pigs. Of all farm animals, they are my favorite. This pig was super nice and extra dirty. Ryan didn't quite know what to think about this giant animal. She stood taller than he, but she was very gentle.

The Finished Swingset!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Those who know me well know that I really like to have a tidy house. It's never *showroom* quality. It's usually clean, but never spotless. It's most often pleasantly clean and picked up...other than the messes we're playing with at the time.

I have been SOOOOOOOOOOO busy lately that everything has been abandoned. My house was a mess, but today I let Ryan make one more huge mess after which we cleaned everything up...for the most part.

Now we have new messes that will remain until these new projects are finished.

The old messes...

The huge mess of the day...
My Number 1 Mess Maker

Oh...yea...we had another UP day.

Unfortunately...my blog may be abandoned a little over the next few days until I can get caught up on some projects. I will come back though! I fill you in on all the details of our life lately as soon as I can.