Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad 'Ole Owie

This little guy, my daredevil child, got a bad 'ole owie about 2 weeks ago.  He had a very unpleasant run-in with the fireplace.  I ended up calling the doctor on this one.  The gash was quite small but pretty deep.  Under doctors orders I washed the wound and covered it in bandages.  It has since healed quite nicely and I think only a small scar will remain if any.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This little kid has recently learned that in the presence of a camera hamming it up is most appropriate.  
This one, on the other hand, believes that in the presence of a camera a ridiculously silly face is what's in order.

O! There's another cheese!

And I guess if a cheese won't do, perhaps a stylish pose might work.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mini Vacation Pics

This weekend the boys and I went with Nana on a mini-vacation to Lawton. Our accommodations were great! Springhill Suites Marriott is awesome! This was the room we stayed in for 2 nights.
Complete with a kitchenette. Awww...coffee...any time...all the time.

Evan really enjoyed the box of tissues in the vanity. By the handfuls he enjoyed them!
Our vacation was full of lots of enjoyable things. Even more fun than tissue throwing. Like swimming. We did as much swimming as we could take.
And of course a little hot tub relaxing as seen in the background of the above picture.
I didn't feel it was safe for Evan to spend time in the hot tub and according to the rules Ryan shouldn't have been in it either. However, Ryan freezes. All. The. Time. He has no fat on his scrawny little body so even in the super steamy room with a moderate temperature pool he turned blue. He complained that the hot tub was too hot but I finally forced him in. Gently of course. He loved it!

Evan got to other fun things though.
Like unrolling toilet paper!
Aunt Lizzy lives in Lawton and the invitation to stay at their apartment was open but we needed a place that was completely kid-friendly and we wanted a place that felt like "vacation". The hotel was perfect. We did enjoy gathering at Lizzy's apartment for supper on Friday and Saturday evening.

Saturday morning we got up early and enjoyed a fantastic continental breakfast complete with biscuits and gravy, eggs, waffles, and all the rest. After breakfast we went to Medicine Park for the morning.

Two beautiful women!
The crew (minus me!)
Medicine Park is full of buildings, walls and structures built with cobble stone. It is really a neat place to visit. A quaint little town.
Beautiful Aunt Lizzy!
We finished out the morning with snow cones!

Upon leaving we drove up Mount Scott, the second highest mountain in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. At something over 3 miles high we stopped at the top and enjoyed the view.
We enjoyed a little rock climbing too!
Even Evan tried climbing. Of course he didn't realize that down was the only option from this point and down was a looooong way down.
OK so Evan did get to enjoy some rock climbing too.
Ryan even did a little tree climbing.
Ryan LOVED the rock climbing. This little excursion ended up being the best part of the day for everyone.
After we had all the fun we could stand climbing and rolling off rocks we drove back down the mountain and further into the refuge to the Visitor's Center & Museum. Along the way we noticed the devastating affects of the recent Oklahoma wildfires. In fact while we were at the museum we were told to leave and to vacate a different direction because the winds had shifted and the fires were spreading. The main entrance was closed.
But while at the museum we saw some critters.
And petted some fur
The refuge is known for the bison and elk that are its protected inhabitants. On our way out we noticed this big guy.
We went back to the hotel and rested a little before taking another dip in the pool.

On Sunday we grabbed a bell hop cart, took a ride...
packed it all up and checked out of our hotel room.

Then we went to the park.
And tested the limits of the mud.
Tried to feed some cranky goose.
And the rest of his finer feathered friends.
Did some running.
And some sliding.

Then we went to Cameron University and admired their landscaping and gardens.
Me and my amazing little boys!
Little did I know that we were going to have a MAJOR weather change during our vacation. Sunday morning was quite chilly compared to the previous days. Months actually. 4 months of above average temps followed by a morning of below average low temps was a pleasant surprise but one we weren't prepared for. We finished out the day snuggling like this and traveling back home. It was a GREAT VACATION!