Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Independence Day Celebrations

Our Independence Day celebrations started the evening before with a few "kid safe" fire crackers
Like poppers and snakes...
And smokeballs!  Ryan has reached the age where he can take a more active part in the fun.  He loved lighting the few fire crackers he could.
And, yes, he decided to light his fireworks in his tighty-whiteys.  Both the boys enjoyed the fireworks.  Evan was scared at first but his fears were short lived.

The morning of the fourth we went to the parade.
And then to the park.
And then to Uncle Paul's for lunch and four-wheeler rides
And some pretend play on his lawn mower.
Evan lost all his get-up-and-go in the midst of it all and stopped for an afternoon siesta by the pool.
We went to Uncle David's for some swimming.

And friends.
Our evening started with another swim party at Lane and Joy's and ended with the big fireworks display at the city park. 
Happy Independence Day!

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