Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Walk, A Ride, A Swim

Today was the first day in what feels like forever that the kids and I went out for a walk. The weather was pleasantly cooler.  We have a new road on which Ryan can ride his bike.  The birds were singing. The sun was shining.  It was just an all-around perfect morning for a walk.

After our walk/ride we took Ryan's bike back home and walked down to the lake.  Unfortunately with the extreme drought conditions in our area the lake's water level is significantly low.  Fortunately, however, our lake is really low so it was way more fun for the boys to walk out on the slightly squishy lake bed. 
With the rich soil of the lake bed comes some beautifully green grasses. 

What happened next was purely an innocent turn of events.  It started with a simple touch.  A "feel". 
It escalated to shoes off.  Enjoying the squishy, sliminess of the water and sand.

And he got a little wetter.

And before long he was in the middle of the lake.

And finally...
A swim in the lake. 

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